2009 Entries

2009: A Polaroid.

Producer’s Notes:

2009. A Polaroid and Poe.

So many things were unique to this year. It was the last year of cofounder Jason Streff, as he moved away to pursue studies. It was the first year we saw significant support from outside the local community in the form of Frederick Reads and NEA’s Big Read’s program teaming up with us.  And true to Poe, It was the darkest year ever.

Joey knocked the opening out of the park. We didn’t receive it until a few hours before airing, and he was being pretty tight lipped, so we were ecstatic when it turned up.

At launch Zack Cutler interviewed teams about movies and Poe.  And we shot footage for our short “The Giving” during the Launch.  “The Giving” was about a husband putting his life on hold for his wife to pursue her ever shifting dreams – this time being a filmmaker.  Michelle Murad played the wife. As much as we love artists and filmmakers, we know that a lot of the people that SHOW up to 72 are the people that PUT up with 72 filmmakers.  So building on last year’s sketches that spoke directly to those people in the audience, this story is mostly for them.  After putting it all together, we weren’t quite sure how to make it pop, but after editing the filmmakers interviews together, it seemed obvious: insert Mikael into those to make it feel more real.