2008 Entries

2008. Year 3. First Lines of Books.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.06.23 PM2008 Theme: First Lines of Books.


PRODUCER’S NOTES: Ah the first sentence of a book. The possibilities are endless, or are they?  We gave each team one opening sentence from a famous or loved book, and teams were tasked in making a film inspired by that sentence to create a new work.  We asked them not use the same characters, or retread the plot of that particular book.  This was our third year in the expanding word theme. Theme/Proverbs/First Lines from a Book.  The films came out sweet, touching, funny and some even shocking.  We were beginning to see some growth (and even backsliding) in teams that did it multiple times.  We were beginning to hear of ups and downs from teams doing this year to year, the drama within the teams.  And we were beginning to see something that transcended beyond the particular criteria each year: there was a darkness to some 72 Film Fest entries, with some very similar and overlapping themes… and this was not going unnoticed by the main audience.

2007 was tough to pull off (school, jobs, and life tugged hard that year), and 2008 was going to expand back to two nights. There were still only 2-3 peeps doing the heavy lifting throughout the year with a handful of angels showing up from Launch to Fest.  With resources and time stretched very thin, we did the sane thing and decided to double down on our work and do our SECOND 72 Hour contest in 2008 (72 PLAY FEST).  Then jumped from that right into 72 Film Fest Year 3.

Mikael Johnson returned as host and we decided to play on the old 50’s Public Service Announcements through most of it.  We again poked hard fun at artists and filmmakers and their need for acceptance and validation.  It would become a running theme throughout most of the sketches in years to come.  Joey made some 72 interstitials including some very cool Candle imagery that started the recurring “72” OPENING that has remained to this day.  He also edited together some GTA footage, and we let Mikael riff on it…”I jumped over another ravine…”

It was an exhausting and fun year, and the end of the initial deal with the three founders: Produce 3 years and see if we wanted to keep going…It was clear by year 3 this wasn’t going to pay for our hundreds of hours of time put in each year, and would be a labor of love.