72 Script Fest 2012

96 Writers Participating.
84 Screenplays Submitted.
29 Finalists
Judges. Finalists. Winners.

34 2012 Teams.
31 Turned In.


Writer Packet Including Everything on This Page Official Rules, Criteria Description and Formatting Your Screenplay
Terms and Conditions – Legal Mumbo Jumbo You Need to Agree to When Submitting Your Screenplay.
Judging Scoresheet – What Judges will use to score your screenplay.


For 72 Script Fest you are being given 3 pieces of CRITERIA.

Each piece was entered into a database and all possible combinations were established and randomly assigned to each registered writer.  We realize that some of these may seem more difficult than others, some may appear to have more freedom for interpretation, some may seem like they only have one or two ways to go. The way you creatively approach this criteria will be one of the major elements of the judging.

Each of your elements should be an integral part of your story, not a throwaway scene, thought, idea, shot.

3 Pieces plus Page Count:

A Setting. This setting must be present in your film. Those that get actual locations, you are not required to set the entire film there but like the other criteria it should be integral.

A Genre.

A Writer’s Block.  This element should be incorporated deliberately into the script. Simply throwing in a shot to fulfill this element without servicing the story or character will not impress the judges.

Page Count: The max page count is 7 Plus your Title Page (see below)


  1. 72 HOURS  Writers must make all creative decisions within the 72 Hours of the Contest. (6/14/12-6/17/12)
  2. CRITERIA:  Writers must include each piece of criteria in their screenplay.  
  3. DO NOT PUBLISH/POST.  Writers must not publish, post, sell, adapt, or allow a separate production of their 72 Script Fest screenplay until after 72 Film Fest 2012 has concluded on October 21st 2012 OR until after writer is eliminated from 72 Script Fest.
  4. CHARACTERS: There is no specific requirements for number of characters, however typical 72 Film Fest productions have between 3-6 speaking roles. Be mindful of anything that would require a large crowd.
  5. BUDGET: These screenplays will be adapted by a variety of filmmakers ranging in skill levels from amateurs and students up to professionals and the films will also be made within the 72 Hour Time Limit.  Think of this as writing a screenplay for a producer with a low to no budget production.  Be mindful of the elements you write into your script, be creative if you are writing in elements that would require difficult shooting situations.
  6. FORMATTING:  All scripts must be in industry format and be uploaded as a PDF by June 17th 2012 9pm EST.  Do not include writer’s name on any page including Title.


Title Page – On your Title Page include Title, 1 sentence logline, and your given Criteria.  Do not include any of the Writer’s Names.

Anonymous – To ensure proper judging, do not include the Writer’s name anywhere on the script including the title page.

Length – The maximum length for the screenplay is 7 pages plus title page. The goal is for filmmakers to have a 7 minute movie AT MOST (Feel free to be shorter). Keep in mind that 1 Page SHOULD roughly equal 1 Minute of screen time. If you are unsure if you are hitting that mark, read and act out your screenplay.

Industry Format – All screenplays should be industry format: 12 Point Courier or Courier New Font. Double Space between the slug line, action line and speaking characters. Single Space action lines and lines of dialogue. One Page should equal roughly one minute. If you are unsure of industry format check out Final Draft.  For a Sample Page – Check WIKIPEDIA

PDF – Please submit a PDF copy of your screenplay.



Q:  My idea is gonna take longer than 7 pages, can I just single space everything using a courier 4 font to fit it in?

A:  Sneaky, but no.  The max page count is 7 Plus your Title Page.  Scripts should be in standard Industry Format (See Formatting Rules in Writers Packet), so please stick to the standard spacing and font sizes.  It is important for you to space at the average of 1 Page Per Minute so that filmmakers will be able to adapt a movie with similar running times.  If your idea is too big for 7 pages, think of other ways to present it, or try a different idea.

Q:  Can I use the criteria as a “throwaway” shot, line, scene? A:  No. If you do there is a very good chance judges will not move it on to the Finalist Round.  Please take a look at the judging scoresheet to get a sense of how the judges will be scoring you.  While we aren’t disclosing the scoring weight of each element- how well you use the criteria is one of the important ones.

Q:  How the heck do you expect me to write a screenplay with THAT?

A:   If you feel you were particularly unlucky with your criteria, I guarantee you someone out there is probably wishing they had your criteria  instead of theirs.  We look at 72 Script Fest and 72 Film Fest as not only a weekend to create, but a weekend to challenge yourselves and maybe even get you out of your comfort zone.  Criteria may have been developed randomly but five different writers that are working on this contest have all looked at the combinations and said “Yes I can make a screenplay out of that.”  Part of the fun is cracking it.

Q:  I picked a genre that is difficult for me.  What can I do? A:  We have never given out genres before because we understand it can potentially stunt a writer.  We are this year in an attempt to get a diverse group of movies.  If it’s any consolation, we believe in you.

Q:  My setting is very specific.  Do I have to have the whole movie set there? A:  If you pulled a location for a Setting (instead of a time period etc), you do not necessarily need to make the whole screenplay take place there, but like the rest of the criteria make sure it is integral to the plot.

Q: Am I writing a Screenplay or A Shooting Script? A: A Screenplay.

Good Luck.  We hope you create something unique and most of all have fun!  We can’t wait to read the fruits of your labor.  You can begin to upload your finished screenplay on Saturday at 5pm. 



Name State/Country             Setting Genre Writer’s Block Screenplay Submitted
Jessica McHugh  MD, USA Post Apocalypse One (wo)man Against The World Include dialogue “The floor is moving.”.  Yes
Erika Jarecki  VA, USA December 25th Film Noir Character crying.  Yes
Zack Cutler  MD, USA Post Apocalypse Buddy Comedy barefoot listening to headphones.  Yes
Joseph Richards  UT, USA The Woods Sci-Fi Spilling coffee on yourself.  Yes
J.M Marine VA, USA Pre-70’s Investigative Thriller Include dialogue “The wheels are already in motion.”.  Yes
Zoe Ubaldo  MD, USA Pre-70’s Mockumentary wearing a mask.  Yes
Michael Tolosa  VA, USA Post Apocalypse Sci-Fi wearing a mask.  Yes
Mike Smith  MD, USA Post Apocalypse Found Footage an invention.  Yes
Steven Puziss  MD, USA Vacation Fantasy An Emergency.  Yes
Drew Edwards  MD, USA Halloween Adventure walking a dog.  Yes
Lux & Marvin  VA, USA Halloween Fantasy An Emergency.  Yes
Charles Pham  MD, USA Walk of Shame One (wo)man Against The World An Emergency.  Yes
Hotovi  MD, USA Vacation Film Noir Nervous Twitch.  Yes
George Lenis  MD, USA December 25th Monster Story Include dialogue “The wheels are already in motion.”.
Stephen Pfeil  LA, USA A Wake Fantasy an invention.  Yes
Patrick Barber  MD, USA December 25th Investigative Thriller protest sign.  Yes
Norman Guice  WV, USA 80’s or 70’s Fantasy Include dialogue “The floor is moving.”.  Yes
Bob Johnson  MD, USA Future One (wo)man Against The World the last match (either a contest or matches).  Yes
Dallas White  MD, USA Halloween Monster Story Flashlight goes out.
Steve  MD, USA 80’s or 70’s Buddy Comedy Nervous Twitch.  Yes
Patrick Beltran  VA, USA A Wake Ghost Story dirty laundry.  Yes
Tripp Laino  MD, USA 80’s or 70’s Film Noir Spilling coffee on yourself.  Yes
Matthew Friend  MD, USA Walk of Shame Ghost Story Include dialogue “The stars weren’t out last night.”.  Yes
Eric Chang  MD, USA The Woods Buddy Comedy Strange Smell.  Yes
Shawna Stoltzfoos  PA, USA 80’s or 70’s Satire the last match (either a contest a book of matches.  Yes
Casey Morin  MD, USA Workplace Monster Story Include Dialogue “Put him down”..  Yes
Adam Grayson  MD, USA Future Mockumentary wearing a mask.  Yes
Angel Bishop  MD, USA Last Day of School Romance Dancing and Singing.  Yes
HOBO MD  MD, USA Walk of Shame Fantasy Include Dialogue “The stars weren’t out last night.”.  Yes
Keith Acton  MD, USA Last Day of School Fantasy black eye.  Yes
Christopher Taylor  MD, USA Future Monster Story Adult on a Swingset.  Yes
Madeline Edelstein  MD, USA A Wake Fictional Memoir the last match (either a contest a book of matches)  Yes
Rory Newton  MD, USA Future Film Noir Flashlight goes out.  Yes
Josie Kaye  MD, USA December 31st 1999 Sci-Fi Include Dialogue “The floor is moving.”.  Yes
Karen Peacock MD, USA Vacation Satire Car Alarm Goes of.  Yes
Dave Imboden  MD, USA Last Day of School Sci-Fi Flashlight goes out.  Yes
Tonya J. Roberts  MA, USA The Woods One (wo)man Against The World An Emergency.  Yes
Berlyn Lee  CA, USA December 25th One (wo)man Against The World black eye.  Yes
Pat Riley  DC, USA Halloween Satire barefoot listening to headphones.  Yes
Lauren LaRocca  MD, USA Future Coming of Age protest sign.
Demetrius Williams  VA, USA December 31st 1999 Buddy Comedy Shredding papers.
Leigh Oakley  Great Britain A Wake Found Footage Dancing and Singing.
Richard Martz  FL, USA Last Day of School Buddy Comedy Car Alarm Goes of.  Yes
Jaclyn Boser AZ, USA Future Romance Nervous Twitch.  Yes
M.G. Vestal  TX, USA December 25th Satire protest sign.  Yes
The Outsider  WY, USA 80’s or 70’s One (wo)man Against The World Flashlight goes out.  Yes
MJ HERMANNY  Great Britain December 25th Buddy Comedy Include Dialogue “It just won’t work.”.  Yes
Mike Walsh  VA, USA Last Day of School Found Footage include Dialogue  “But the music stopped.”.  Yes
Kirkland Morris  CA, USA The Woods Investigative Thriller Include dialogue “It just won’t work.”.  Yes
Cecil E. Davis, Jr.  GA, USA Vacation Sci-Fi binoculars.  Yes
Laura Harding  MD, USA 80’s or 70’s Ghost Story allergic reaction.  Yes
Stuart Creque  CA, USA December 31st 1999 Monster Story dirty laundry.  Yes
Chris Dancy & Lisa Chau  MI, USA 80’s or 70’s Sci-Fi Spilling coffee on yourself.  Yes
David Ebri  FL, USA The Woods Film Noir an invention.  Yes
Jean-Pierre Chapoteau  FL, USA 80’s or 70’s Monster Story Family Heirloom
Chris Setten  NJ, USA Workplace Romance severance package.  Yes
Vincent Graziano  NY, USA Coming of Age Sci-Fi Include dialogue “The floor is moving.”.  Yes
Beth Rohach  PA, USA Coming of Age One (wo)man Against The World allergic reaction.  Yes
Nick Pullia  IL, USA Pre-70’s Fantasy Family Heirloom  Yes
Lana Torres  MD, USA Pre-70’s Sci-Fi playing cards.
Jack  Shepard Jr  MD, USA Vacation Fictional Memoir hitchhiker.  Yes
Sarah Lehu  FRANCE December 31st 1999 Film Noir an invention.  Yes
Brian Lee Johnson  OR, USA 80’s or 70’s One (wo)man Against The World Adult on a Swingset.  Yes
Brandon Barba, Kyle Hobson, Nathaniel Loughney AZ, USA Vacation Adventure Include dialogue “The stars weren’t out last night.”.  Yes
Corey Barker  MD, USA Coming of Age Mockumentary Character crying.  Yes
Kenneth Reed  IL, USA A Date Sci-Fi allergic reaction.  Yes
John Dummer  IL, USA A Date Ghost Story binoculars.  Yes
Jordan Littleton  CA, USA A Date Adventure Car Alarm Goes of.  Yes
Bob Bartlett  MD, USA Pre-70’s Buddy Comedy power outage.  Yes
Chere Cofer  IN, USA Dream State Sci-Fi Character Crying.
Janice Silver CA, USA A Date Found Footage black eye.  Yes
Rob Duncan & Tracy Urban  British Columbia, CA Coming of Age Monster Story Biting Tongue.  Yes
Randy Gross  PA, USA Coming of Age Romance power outage.  Yes
Amy Thompson  CO, USA Pre-70’s One (wo)man Against The World Include dialogue “The wheels are already in motion.”.  Yes
Ben Overzet CO, USA 80’s or 70’s Romance Weighing Self/Something.  Yes
Mike Ryan  RI, USA Last Day of School Family Drama Baking cookies.  Yes
DC Cathro  MD, USA December 25th Fantasy an invention.  Yes
Courtney Cairns  MD, USA Future Found Footage the last match (either a contest a book of matches)  Yes
Michael Williamson  MD, USA Post Apocalypse Mockumentary Family Heirloom
Mox Beckman  OR, USA Halloween Family Drama dirty laundry.
Adam Lutzi Rockwell  WI, USA Coming of Age Buddy Comedy Character crying.  Yes
Robert Knight  Great Britain Halloween Mystery an invention.  Yes
Michelle Herrin  MN, USA December 31st 1999 Mystery Character crying.  Yes
Rikochet  British Columbia, CA Post Apocalypse Mystery empty chinese food containers.  Yes
Brett Bagwell  SC, USA Workplace Mystery allergic reaction.  Yes
Phil Bromhal  MD, USA Pre-70’s Ghost Story Strange Smell.  Yes
Kristi E. Knight  DE, USA 80’s or 70’s Buddy Comedy barefoot listening to headphones.  Yes
Jax Martin  MI, USA Workplace Satire Shredding papers.  Yes
Tracee Beebe  CA, USA The Woods Adventure wearing a mask.  Yes
Sundae Jahant-Osborn  Great Britain Workplace Romance Include dialogue “it just won’t work.”
Ashley Henley  MD, USA Coming of Age Film Noir the last match (either a contest a book of matches)  Yes
Linda Basilicato  MD, USA Coming of Age Romance Roller Skates.  Yes
Tavia Smalley  CA, USA Future Family Drama hitchhiker.
Max Wyman NY, USA The Woods Family Drama Car Alarm Goes of.  Yes
Ems Ginsburg  MD, USA Vacation Ghost Story Nervous Twitch.  Yes
MKD Writer  CT, USA  Walk of Shame  Film Noir  hitchhiker  Yes



The Top 5 Screenplays from 72 Script Fest:

First Nomination for Best Screenplay!

Second Nomination for Best Screenplay!

Third Nomination for Best Screenplay!

Fourth Nomination for Best Screenplay!

Fifth and Final Nomination  for Best Screenplay!


Chris Dancy and Lisa Chau for “Alien Love”
Jordan Littleton for “Made for Each Other”
Bob Johnson for “The Flame”
Max Wyman for “David’s Day”
Michelle Herrin for “Resolution”

Runner Up:

Max Wyman for “David’s Day”

Best Screenplay

Bob Johnson for “The Flame”