Missing Link Cinema

72 Film Fest 2011

5 Five V from Missing Link Cinema on Vimeo.

A lone, intrepid hero is given five chances to make things right.

Best of Fest
Best Pro
Best Writing
Best Acting
Best Cinematography


72 Film Fest 2010

Le Detective from Missing Link Cinema on Vimeo.

2010 72 Film Fest – Most Nominated with no award.

After a woman turns up missing, Detective Trace Gellar
is called in to solve the case. Unfortunately, he ends
up with more than he imagined. Inspired by the fairy
tale The Swan Princess by Hans Christian Andersen.

Best of the Fest
Best Pro
Best Writing
Raise the Roof
Audience Choice

72 Film Fest 2009

ELEANOR – 2009 from Missing Link Cinema on Vimeo.

This is a movie we made for the 2009 72 Film Fest. It was written, shot, and edited in 72 hours. It was also nominated for two awards, Best Music and Best Cinematography.

Eleanor is about an unique woman with a very interesting perspective on life. Alone in the world, it is this unique view that helps her cope with the harshness of reality.

Thank you and enjoy.

72 Film Fest 2008

Falling from Missing Link Cinema on Vimeo.

Falling – 2008

“For many years I could remember things seen at the time of my own birth”

Yukio Mishima
Confessions of a Mask

72 Film Fest 2008 – Winner: Best Writing

72 Film Fest 2007

Missing 2 from Missing Link Cinema on Vimeo.

Missing 2 – 2007

Picking up where the last one left off, Leonard has now found himself in a precarious situation. While not much closer to finding the truth behind the person responsible for ruining his life, he continues his search for answers. Who can he trust when it seems like the whole world is against him?