Find Cast and Crew!

Find Crew and Cast!

Filmmakers: We may be giving you some precious time back on the clock by cutting the bulk of the writing out of your 72 Hour Marathon, but that doesn’t mean we are going to let you guys off the hook.

With those extra hours we are expecting you guys and gals to really step up your game and elevate your production values.  It’s time to break out of your comfort zone and enlist the help of even more talents!  Music, Costumes, Sets, Make Up Artists, Cast etc.  Assemble your team now so when you get your script you can knock it out of the park.

If you don’t already have team members specializing in the various departments a production needs, feel free to contact individuals and companies below.  Everyone below has offered to volunteer their services during the 72 Film Fest to one or more teams.

 Ground Rules:


Anyone can be listed on this page providing they pledge to:

1) Volunteer their services to one or more teams during 72 Film Fest during the weekend of October 11th-14th in exchange for full credit on the films.
2) Work professionally with the team as the team’s needs demand, keeping in mind that weekend can be crazy and disjointed. Please be flexible in your time and understanding.
3) Be understanding to the demands of the 72 Film Fest contest.


We expect all filmmaking teams to:
1) Be professional and understanding to any talent you enlist.
2) Fully credit all talents brought on to the team.
3) Provide copies of your movie to any talent involved if they request

To be included please email any and all information you are ok with us publishing on this page.