Artists and Services

Artists, Talents and Services.

To get a movie finished in 72 Hours filmmakers often need to take shortcuts or make sacrifices to complete their films.   For our seventh year, we want to make sure that teams will have the ability to find whatever they may need in order to adapt the script given to them: musicians, set designers, make up and costume artists, actors etc.  Since the movies will be (mostly) written for them, we are in effect giving filmmakers an extra day to step up their game.

There are not a lot of ways to find new local talent. For 72 Film Fest 2012,  we hope to change that on this website.

If you are an artist associated with movie-making, please use the contact form below.  Include any credits you may have, and website, and what you are able to offer to teams.  For posting yourself or your business on this page, you are offering your services for FREE to a team during the weekend of October 11th-14th.  Some services will require your presence (most filmmakers are in DC/MD/VA area), others (like music) may be able to be done entirely online.    Please do not commit to more than one team unless you are sure you can handle the load.

In exchange for your service, you will receive advertising on this page as well as (hopefully) a kick ass movie for your reel.