2017 Team Registration


2017 Registration.

So you want to make a movie in 72 hours? 72 Film Fest welcomes you (back)! Anyone from around the US is invited to participate in Year 12.


April 1st 7pmEST: Early Bird Registration Begins. April 4th 7pmEST: First 72 Hour Registration Bonus Ends.
May 15th: Early Bird Discount Ends. Price goes up $10
June 5th: Epistula.
August 12th: Regular Registration Ends, Price goes up $10.
October 5th: LAUNCH PARTY
October 8th: Movie Turn-in at Area 31, or upload online.
October 13th-14th: ALL Films PREMIERE at WEINBERG CENTER. October 14th: Saturday Night Main Event followed by Awards at WEINBERG CENTER and AFTER PARTY.



1) Register your team here.
2) Make a 10 Second Team Video and send it to us soon after.
3) Pick your Criteria at the LAUNCH PARTY on October 5th. If you can't make it to Frederick Maryland criteria will be picked for you it will be posted online.
4) Make your movie within 72 hours! Turn it in October 8th at Area 31 in Frederick Maryland. (online submissions available through Google Drive, DropBox, Copy and others)
5) Watch your movie! Your movie screens in front of a packed out Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick Maryland October 13th-14th.
6) Awards/Prizes are given/announced during Award Ceremony Oct 14th. 7) Celebrate your victory, or drown your sorrows at the After Party.



  • Your movie will screen at the historic Weinberg Center in front of a packed audience on either Friday or Saturday. Finalists will also move on to Saturday Night.
  • (2) Two-Day Passes to Film Fest. ($34 Value)
  • Your Team Name, Bio, Picture, Team Video, Website link will be included on our website, and shown during our slideshows at the Fest.

WHERE DO I SEND MY 10 SECOND TEAM VIDEO? Reply to your registration email and send us the link.

I NEVER GET ANY EMAILS OR INFO AND FEEL LEFT OUT IN THE COLD. Be sure that team leaders and members are signed up to our email list. Be sure to add us to your address book so we're not left in the Spam. We also noticed a team or two unsubscribed last year for some reason and thus weren't getting emails...tsk tsk.

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS IN OCTOBER AGAIN? I DONT LIKE THE COLD. Weather is a crapshoot. It hit 85 the week after our Fest last year.  And September traditionally rains more than October. But we're looking into possibilities for Year 14 and beyond. We know the past couple years have been a bit cold and rainy. All part of the challenge, eh?

I'M FROM (SOMEPLACE OTHER THAN FREDERICK). CAN I DO THIS? Yes. Anyone around U.S. can do it. Even if you can't make it out to the screenings, it's loads of fun. And like last year, we will be filming the award ceremony and launch so you can feel a part of the tradition.

WHY DO YOU HAVE STUDENTS AND AMATEURS AND PROS COMPETE TOGETHER? We are dancing the line of trying to get the largest audience for your films, and being fair. We are examining breaking the categories out more for awards. Something may change this year. But keep in mind- most student festivals have mostly students in the audience. This is a chance for students to build their skills AND play their films along with the pros in the area. Gotta say though, it's getting tighter and tighter. Students and Amateurs have won big awards (and even came close to winning the whole shebang) on more than one occasion.

WHEN IS LEDA COMING OUT? WHEN CAN I SUBMIT MY IDEA FOR THE NEXT 72 FILM FEST FEATURE? LEDA is just the first of what we hope will be our many features by past 72 Film Fest participants. It's been a long hard road for LEDA, but it's our first, it's by a visionary director that doesn't like to cut corners, and it's a 3D timeless period piece utilizing practical effects and all sorts of crazy photography on barely no budget. If all goes well, LEDA will finish shooting this summer. And while the post production process may take some time after- once it's in the can, we will be looking to the next. And we've learned quite a bit..It's been quite the journey and we can't wait to share it with the world. In short - We'll make an announcement about the future features at this year's Fest. So if you got a script brewing, get that baby finished soon.



  • STUDENT: The director and a portion of team are students. (high school/college/trade/high school). No professional of any kind may be a part of Student team, but non-students are ok. Student ID may be required at Launch.
  • PRO:Team's director works in video production in any capacity or if any actors/crew are part of any guild/union. Pro teams area eligible for prizes requiring insurance (Red Epic Weekend Rental etc).
  • AMATEUR:Everyone else.



All Teams are required to submit a 10 Second Team Video!

Team Video Rules:

1) Try to get most or all of your team in the video.
2) Do something fun, BE CREATIVE.
3) Do NOT just give us a 10 second logo, we won't use it.

4) Videos will be played before your entry at the Fest, and online.

This is a way for you to put faces on the team behind on your creation. Team Videos are due BEFORE Launch Party on October 5th if you want them screened at the Weinberg along with your film.



  • Team will be picking in the order they register. Some years this makes a bigger difference than others. This could be one of those years.
  • Returning Teams get $5 Discount.
  • Register by April 4th to receive theme related bonus(es).
  • Register by May 15th 11:59pm EST to receive $10 off registration. Reflected in Price.
  • Register by May 16th 11:59pm EST and receive (1) Extra Two-Day Pass ($17 Value).
  • Regular Registration Ends August 12th. (Price goes up $10)
  • Late Registration August 13th-October 4th.
  • Day of Launch registration not guaranteed and price TBD.

Late Registration:

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