Friday Night Schedule



Wow!  The movies this year are quite an impressive bunch.  We can’t wait to show off all of the teams work… Teams really embraced the SCIENCE concept.

Here is our tentative (almost final) schedule for Friday Night.  Things may move a little, but the blocks below are pretty much set.  Please check back Thursday Night/Friday Morning to verify your block/time.  We’ll have a bit more information then. Finalists will be announced at the end of each block.

$10 a Day. $17 for both.
Friday ticket gets you into both blocks.
Team Lanyards handed out at film turn-in are good for both days.
Tickets are available at the Weinberg Center Box Office. Get there early!

Good Luck to all of the teams competing!

Block One 6:30pm

Team Title Criteria Skill
DallasWhiteFilms Irreversible Dollo’s Law Amateur
Ashley Ellis Productions Dr. Duckler’s Revenge  String Theory Student
Lambda Kappa Tau Echoes In The Void + Dark Matter  Amateur
Definition Films Fugue + Newton’s Laws of Motion  Student
Directors From The Black Lagoon Cult Classic  Mendel’s Laws Amateur
Lounge Rat Productions The Death(s) of Gabe  Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection Student
Bright Boy Alert where:ever * Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle  Amateur
Ophiuchus Pictures High Stakes + Avogadro’s Gas Law  Amateur
Molten Llama Films Resistance  Ohm’s Law of Electricity Student
Cracked Pipe Films 200 ft  + Doppler Effect  Amateur
The Collective Checkmate Game Theory Student
Nas-t Productions Stiffed  First Law of Thermodynamics  Student
The Bulldogs Fision  Atomic Theory Student
Chimney Sweep Pictures DOOM COP * Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion  Amateur
Unimental  Dead Meat Pete Occam’s Razor Amateur

Block Two  8:30pm

Team Title Criteria Skill
Pecos Bill and the Wranglers Jeffrey  Zeno’s Paradox Pro
FilmLovables Painted Lady  Chaos Theory Pro
Missing Link Cinema Uncertain Principles  Quantum Mechanics Pro
Empty Bottle Studios Diminishing Returns  Foucault Pendulum Amateur
Stepdad Productions Chairs  Second Law of Thermodynamics  Amateur
Kennedy Productions Samantha Spade Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity Pro
Laserstar Entertainment Bear + Holographic Principle  Pro
Konbiz Placebo Effect  Placebo Effect Amateur
Moon Slaves  Screw  Gutenberg-Richter Law Pro
Ravenshore Entertainment Colorless  Snell’s Law of Refraction Amateur
Great Vengeance & Furious Anger Domus  Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis  Pro
J. D. Early Films The Alternative Computational Complexity Theory  Pro
ideekay? Switching Poles Biot–Savart Law Amateur
Short Fuse I, Ro-BERT * Hubble’s Law of Cosmic Expansion  Amateur
Crowded Elevator Pictures Parental Advisory  Coding Theory  Pro
NERD MENTALITY 1D6  Dulong-Petit Law of Specific Heats Pro
Henlivision Shape the Future Buys Ballot’s Wind and Pressure Law Pro
Chiet Productions I Feel your Pain * Quantum Entanglement  Pro