Criteria 2015


Friday Night Friday Night Premieres. All the entries screen. 6:30pm Student/Amateur 8:30pm Amateur/Pro

Saturday Night Main Event. 7pm Finalists Screen followed by Award Ceremony. Also screening: Syzygy (last year’s 72 Script Fest winner) and Drug Church: The Prequel (a short starring the hosts).


Price: $10 per day. $17 for Both. Tickets available at Weinberg Box Office.


Average Society
Crowded Elevator
Inkling Adrift
Missing Link Cinema
Molten Llama Films
Nas-t Productions
Noticeable Grain
Pecos Bill and the Wranglers
Pug Media
Stepdad Productions

Audience Choice to move on from Block One: Never Shut Up
Audience Choice to move on from Block Two: Unimental.


BLOCK ONE (Alphabetical) Average Society, Brigand Filmworks, Carpet Wall, Consistently Kinda Funny, DBZ Cinema, Demon/Angel Production, Film.Lovables, Harlequin Films, Inkling Adrift, Mango City Media, Molten Llama Films, Moyst Productions, Never Shut Up Productions, Pathos Productions, SRK Video, Stepdad Productions, The Winchester Film Collective, Twelve-Sided Entertainment, Weapons Grade Geranium, BLOCK TWO (Alphabetical) Ah Muh Face!, Bright Boy Alert, Chimney Sweep Pictures, Crowded Elevator Pictures, Da/Nu Productions, Empty Bottle Studios, Falling Squares, Great Vengeance & Furious Anger, Kennedy Productions, Laserstar, Missing Link Cinema, Moonslaves, Nas-t productions, Noticeable Grain, Ophiuchus Pictures, Pecos Bill and the Wranglers, Pug Media, Skybox Productions, Team Sparkly Fresh, Team Spartan, The Collective, The Comedy Pigs, Unimental, Visually Wired, We just paid $85 to probably not finish this $&^%ing film

Finalists will be announced at the end of each block.

It’s Year 10. To computers, the 1 and 0 represent two opposite states of being (On and Off). The 1 and 0 together (10) also represent the number 2 in binary numerals. Who knew, right? So for 2015, we are giving you a pair of opposites.THE 2015 THEME: BINARY OPPOSITION. Every story starts with a CONFLICT, and there is no greater conflict than OPPOSITES.

A list of opposites was created and entered into a database.
When a team pressed a key, the computer ran a script to randomly
select and eliminate one.

Each team was given a pair of opposites. Each team is required to make those opposites the CENTRAL CONFLICT to their film. Some are more metaphorical, some are more literal. Teams are encouraged to use their creativity to play with the concepts and make a unique film. THE OPPOSITES MUST BE THE CENTRAL CONFLICT. Judges will disqualify any entry that does not abide. Make the best movie you can, but be wicked smaaaat about it.

MAXIMUM LENGTH including Credits.

Pro: 6:45
Amateur: 6:00
Student: 5:30

Good Luck. We hope you create something unique and most of all
have fun! We can’t wait to watch the fruits of your labor.

Q: My opposites suck man.
A: It’s 2015, you’re not allowed to be so gender specific anymore, bud. Also, I don’t know you, but I’m pretty sure you could come up with something fun, good, clever.

Q: Can I use the criterion as a “throwaway” shot, line, scene?

A: No. You’ll be disqualified. The one rule for this particular criterion is it must be your central conflict. Break it down. You can do it.

Q: How the heck do you expect me to write a screenplay with THAT?

A: If you feel you were particularly unlucky with your criteria, I guarantee you someone out there is probably wishing they had your criteria instead of theirs. We look at 72 Film Fest as not only a weekend to create, but a weekend to challenge yourselves and maybe even get you out of your comfort zone. Criteria may have been developed randomly but various filmmakers that are working on this contest have all looked at the combinations and said “Yes I can make a screenplay out of that.” Part of the fun is cracking it!

Team NameCriteria: Central Conflict
Missing Link CinemaInterrupt/Continue
Ophiuchus PicturesBless/Curse
Great Vengeance & Furious AngerRich/Poor
Weapons Grade GeraniumWisdom/Ignorance
Brigand FilmworksHero/Coward
The Winchester Film CollectiveVirtue/Vice
Visually WiredLimited/Boundless
Crowded Elevator PicturesLead/Follow
Pecos Bill and the WranglersDreams/Reality
The Comedy PigsAncient/Modern
Galaxy 42Organic/Synthetic
Bright Boy AlertTransparent/Opaque
Team SpartanCommon/Rare
SRK VideoSane/Insane
Stepdad ProductionsInhale/Exhale
Da/Nu ProductionsLazy/Productive
Skybox ProductionsZenith/Nadir
Rocket BikeVictory/Defeat
Never Shut Up ProductionsAbsent/Present
Carpet WallVacant/Occupied
Team Sparkly FreshScatter/Collect
Empty Bottle StudiosNative/Immigrant
Pathos ProductionsDaring/Timid
Moyst ProductionsCivilized/Savage
Inkling AdriftHeaven/Hell
Kennedy ProductionsHide/Discovered
Nas-t productionsBackward/Forward
Average SocietyIntentional/Accidental
Molten Llama FilmsEarthly/Otherworldly
The CollectiveTruth/Lie
Falling SquaresVoluntary/Mandatory
We just paid $85 to probably not finish this $&^%ing filmScream/Whisper
DBZ CinemaCreate/Destroy
not dmbUs/Them
Mango City MediaObedient/Disobedient
Chimney Sweep PicturesPrivate/Public
Ah Muh Face!Lover/Fighter
Demon/Angel ProductionAtheistic/Theistic
Noticeable GrainPure/Contaminated
Harlequin FilmsNoise/Silence
Pug MediaSecure/Insecure
Twelve-Sided EntertainmentExposure/Shelter
Consistently Kinda FunnyLandlord/Tenant