The Giving (2009)

“The Giving” is a short produced for 72 Film Fest 2009.  Mikael learns that his wife Michelle wants to abandon her career path and risk everything to be a filmmaker. Her first step: Participate in a 72 Hour Film Making Contest.

Producer Notes:
For the 4th Year of the festival, we continued to look at the impact of the artists on families and friends, this time through a narrative. “The Giving” was created between Launch Party Night and Judging Night (Thursday-Tuesday) while juggling the organization of the festival itself, encoding entries and building the 5+ hour program for the two nights (our biggest year so far). The original idea was a bit more ambitious but was pared down as the demands of the festival required sacrifices. A last minute “A-HA” moment gave us the narrative structure – the interview with the husband “Mikael”. While we had shot interviews with various filmmakers during the Launch Party, we had not intended to use Mikael as part of it, but when pressure kicked in, we decided to insert him to further create the illusion he was part of the festival.

In the coupling of Michelle and Mikael, we have the flight of the artist and the fears of the realist, complete with a 3AM conversation about whether it’s possible that a “dream” will ever grow beyond a “hobby”.

It was the last of the 72 Fest shorts shot on DVX and GL1.

Improvised by Cast and starring Mikael Johnson, Michelle Murad, Murphy McHugh, James McGarvey and Tres Dillon.

Created and Directed by Mikael Johnson and Clark Kline.