The End (2011)

Producer Notes:
For 2011 we continued the meta-joke of our co-hosts Mikael Johnson and Doug Powell competing with each other. In the three month buildup to the fest, we not only revealed that Doug would be taking the coveted Saturday Night Main Event hosting slot away from Mikael, but the organizers, including “Clark”, were so callous they failed to even let Mikael in on this. Instead, Mikael had to learn about it when everyone else did: on the poster. Hurt and dejected, Mikael then begins to take things out on Doug.

Our initial storyline involved humanizing these two, dramatically ramping up their conflict to dizzying heights until there was a horribly uncomfortable ending that would call into question whether the two of them could ever work together again… and furthermore- whether the film festival would even survive without them. Since this would be our last year before reinventing the fest, we decided to stay with the “awkward humor” that we had built for a couple years.

But then we heard a rumor: “Did you hear, 2011 is the last year of 72 Film Fest”. It seemed a new person was asking/telling us this almost every day to the point it became comical, and we got sick of denying and explaining it. Instead we decided to add fuel to the fire. Not only was the festival “ending”, it was in such financial straits that the festival was being sold to the highest bidder.

The story grew organically after a brainstorm session between Doug Powell, Mikael Johnson, JT Smith and Clark Kline. Rather than continue the conflict between our two leads, we decided to have them band together to defeat a common foe. What was originally going to be a 3-5 minute montage took center stage due in no small part to the 10+ improv artists and actors brought in to represent the various companies trying to put their stamp on the fest. Special Guest Jeff Keilholtz, the “serious actor”, holds the key to saving the festival for good.

Although a few scenes were scrapped, the end result was very close to the initial idea.

Starring Mikael Johnson and Doug Powell with special guest Jeff Keilholtz.