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2017 Press Release


The view of the night’s sky has illuminated our imaginations and inspired the arts for thousands of years, and the present is no exception. Take in a night (and day!) of “Constellation” inspired films at the TWELFTH 72 Film Fest!

The time based competition continues in 2017 when teams from across various states gather their teams to create an entire movie within 72 hours. Dozens of teams comprised of hundreds of artists start with a theme, generate an idea, and finish with an entire short film all in the space of a single weekend. Every entry premieres to the entrants and the public the following weekend at the historic Weinberg Center where awards and prizes are given out to those entries that excel in Acting, Writing, Cinematography, and more.

Friends, family and neighbors from all over the area are invited to enter, and the 72 Film Fest strives to maintain a creative atmosphere for Students, Amateurs, and Professional FIlmmakers alike. Get ready for an evening of stargazing on the silver screen!

THE THEME: The 2017 Theme is Constellations, and was revealed in clues throughout the summer. DATES:

October 5th: Launch Party at Cafe 611 October 5th – October 8th: Make a Movie! October 13th: Friday Night Premieres at Weinberg Center October 14th: Saturday Night Main Event at Weinberg Center


72 Film Fest is produced by 72 Fest and Fool Martyr Productions. The Mission: To provide an outlet for the creative community by hosting challenges in the fields of filmmaking, stage, writing, and other arts. For More information or high res images visit




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