72 Film Fest 2017 Dates

April 1st 7pmEST: Early Bird Registration Begins. April 4th 7pmEST: First 72 Hour Registration Bonus Ends.
May 15th: Early Bird Discount Ends. Price goes up $10
June 5th: Epistula.
August 12th: Regular Registration Ends, Price goes up $10.
October 5th: LAUNCH PARTY
October 8th: Movie Turn-in at Area 31, or upload online.
October 13th-14th: ALL Films PREMIERE at WEINBERG CENTER. October 14th: Saturday Night Main Event followed by Awards at WEINBERG CENTER and AFTER PARTY.




The 72 Film Fest is an annual time based film competition where teams have 72hours to make a movie. Based just outside the DC/Baltimore metropolitan area in Frederick, MD- 72 Film Fest inspires and challenges filmmakers to create a movie based around a specific annual theme.

2016 Marks the TWELFTH year for Frederick Maryland.

72 Fest was founded with the introduction of the 72 Film Fest in 2006.

Our Mission: To provide an outlet for the creative community by hosting challenges in the fields of filmmaking, stage, writing, and other arts.

History: Hundreds of movies have been made in our first ten years, and 72 Film Fest has shined a spotlight on the local talent behind those movies.  We screen every entry, from first time directors on up to seasoned pros. Judged by Industry Professionals and Academics, 72 Film Fest awards entries that excel in Acting, Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound etc and has also given out over $20,000 in cash and prizes like: a weekend rental of Red EPIC Camera Package, an iPad2, a Full Adobe Editing Suite (sponsored by Mac Business Solutions), gift certificates to local restaurants like Volt and Cacique, equipment by local Parlights, headshots, free location rental by Frederick Arts Council, AFI memberships, Canon and GoPro cameras, audio equipment, gear, software and much more.

Highlights: For 2009, we partnered with National Endowment for the Arts, Frederick County Public Library and the Big Reads Program to celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s 200th anniversary. For 2010, we partnered with Frederick Reads program to celebrate “Fairy Tales”. Best Selling novelist Alice Hoffman came to the city to speak, and Guest Judge Eduardo Sanchez (Director of Blair Witch Project, Exists) picked the Avant Garde entry. In 2012 72 Script Fest was introduced and for the first time Finalist Screenplays were given out to filmmakers to adapt into films. Screenwriters from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean participated including entrants from US, Canada, Great Britain and France. Flying Dog Brewery introduced their “Shock and Awe” Award in 2012.

While many of the arts are supported in the area, and have stages or galleries, filmmakers do not have a centralized place to show their work.  72 Film Fest Fest brings attention to that local talent.

72 Film Fest 2017 Producers:



72 Film Fest 2016 Producers:


72 Film Fest 2015 Producers:

Clark Kline is half of Fool Martyr Productions. In recent years, he has worked as writer/director/editor on various independent feature films, commercials and theatrical trailers.  Kline’s first novel “Anti-Depressant” is available in bookstores and his second novel “Numb” will be published eventually, when he stops being a little bitch and actually finishes something.

Tim DeFoggi: works in the shadows to help make sure everything runs smoothly. Not much is known about this elusive producer. Some say he doesn’t exist; others say that he once double-dutched with Queen Latifah. Grizzly bears are too scared to wrestle him. He’s never met a chocolate chip cookie he hasn’t liked. If you know what’s good for you, bring him cookies when you turn your movie in. In the past he has collaborated with Jason Streff and Pigeonhole Pictures.

Mike Yamrus: Award winning Director, Editor and Videographer.  Most recent documentary film “A Message From the Tree” won a Telly Award in the Historical category.  Mike works on commercials and many various side projects for a living under the company name Big Wave Media. Previous 72 Film Fest Winner (now retired) – Ready to pump some creative energy into this year’s 72 Film Fest!

Samuel Tressler IV: has spent the last five years creating commercial videos, traveling to several different continents for recent jobs, managing Archai Media, a camera rental/production boutique & Area 31 Cinema Studios in Frederick, MD, experimenting with short art films, and working on Leda, his first feature film, a back & white, silent, 3-D production.

Shae Yamruswas president of the local Frederick roller derby team and has a degree in graphic design. With her skills and experience she wanted to transfer her marketing skills to enhance the film fest.

Ryan Hines is a screenwriter, director, film, and image maker who tells compelling stories about our lives and the world we live in. Ryan’s inspiration as an artist comes from every person he has ever had the pleasure of meeting. So be careful what you say and do around him, it might end up on the big screen. As member of the Board of Directors of the 72Fest in Frederick, Maryland, he hopes to help the tradition of film production in the Frederick area continue to grow.

Past Years Credits:

2015: Producers: Clark Kline, Tim DeFoggi, Samuel Tressler IV, Mike Yamrus, Shae Yamrus, Ryan Hines. “Drug Church:The Prequel” STARRING: Jeff Keilholtz, Mikael Johnson, Matthew Manning, Douglas Cathro, Samuel Tressler IV, Erik Hadden, Lisa Duva, Devin Gaither, Michael Bush, with Special Appearance by Doug Powell EXTRAS: Lisa Marie Fields, Brian Massey, Alex Rizzo, Mike Peters ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Tim DeFoggi CAMERA OPERATORS: Samuel Tressler IV, Alex Rizzo LIGHTING: Alex Rizzo SOUND: Eric Looney + Paul Mason DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Samuel Tressler IV ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Mikael Johnson WRITTEN BY: Clark Kline + Mikael Johnson, Improvised by Cast DIRECTED BY: Clark Kline Equipment Provided by Archai Media Special Thanks to Burgess John Miller + Middletown Municipal Center 72 Film Fest: Opening by Joey McAdams Team Bumps + Award Ceremony by Mike Yamrus Man Behind the Curtain: Tim DeFoggi iOS App by Lonny Gomes Program Design by Kristina Russell, Designs by Kristina Poster Design by Samuel Tressler IV Event Photography by Mike Yamrus Photography 72 Film Fest Launch Hosted by Doug Powell + Mikael Johnson with Music by Raindeer Special Thanks to Cafe 611


Producers: Clark Kline, Tim DeFoggi, Samuel Tressler IV, Mike Yamrus, Nichole Vande Vere, Ryan Hines. Hosts: Mikael Johnson and Doug Powell. “The Producer” Starring Mikael Johnson, Doug Powell and special appearances by Jeff Keilholtz and Amber Powell. Directed by Clark Kline. Improvised by Cast. “Opening” by Joey McAdams “The Chase” by Mike Yamrus “Puppet Audience Rules” by Erik Secula Award Ceremony and Team Bumps by Mike Yamrus. Man behind the Curtain: Tim DeFoggi Supported by Frederick Community College, Mac Business Solutions, Area 31, Cafe 611, Wonder Book, Archai Media. Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger. Judges:Jonathan Slade, James Udden, Tim Martin, Rona Mensah, Matt Edens, Matt Davies, Richard Jefferies, Jack Gerbes, Vin Grabill, Mark Ashley 72 Script Fest Judges: Launch Party Music by Joint Effort.


Producers: Clark Kline, Erik Secula, Tim DeFoggi, Mike Yamrus, Nichole Vande Vere Host: Mikael Johnson, Larry Fellows and Pete Bergen “Opening” Directed by Mike Yamrus “Interstitials” Directed by Joey McAdams “Science!” Directed by Clark Kline starring Mikael Johnson, Evan Owens and Samuel Tressler. Awards designed by Roland Metal Art Supported by Flying Dog Brewery, Mac Business Solutions, Frederick Community College, Big Picture Media, Area 31, Wonder Book and Frederick Film Fest Launch Party Photos by 1513photo Festival photos by Fotos by Franco

72 Film Fest Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger Judges: Eric Reickel, Rhett Murphy, Evan Guilfoyle, Matt Edens, Rona Mensah, Tim Martin, Richard Jefferies.



Producers: Clark Kline, Erik Secula, Tim DeFoggi, Mike Yamrus, Nichole Vande Vere Host: Doug Powell, Mikael Johnson and Rona Mensah “The Writer” Opening Directed by Joey McAdams Team Bumps and Awards Directed by Mike Yamrus “The Horror” Directed by Clark Kline starring Mikael Johnson and Doug Powell with special appearance by Jeff Keilholtz.  CoStarring Pete Bergen and Amber Powell. camera: Mike Yamrus, Clark Kline

“Vote for the Host” by Mikael Johnson and Doug Powell. “Begin” Promos directed by Mike Yamrus Awards designed Roland Metal Art Sponsored by Final Draft, Flying Dog Brewery, and KeyW 72 Film Fest Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger Judges: Jack Gerbes, Eric Reickel, Nichole Dowlearn, Rhett Murphy, Evan Guilfoyle, Matt Edens, Rona Mensah, Tim Martin 72 Script Fest Judges: Matt Edens, Rhett Murphy, Alan Kreizenbeck, Erik Hadden, Eric Reickel, Walter Chalkley, Michael Nazelrod, Shuan Butcher, Celeste Schaefer Snyder. Poster Design by Thomas Newman

“Typewriter”, “Launch Party”, and Festival Photos by 1513photo



Producers: Clark Kline, Erik Secula, Tim DeFoggi, Mike Yamrus Host: Doug Powell (with Erik Secula) Switchboard Opening Directed by Joey McAdams Team Bumps and Awards Directed by Mike Yamrus “The End” Directed by Mikael Johnson/Clark Kline starring Mikael Johnson and Doug Powell with special appearance by Jeff Keilholtz.  camera: Mike Yamrus, Zack Cutler, Clark Kline “They Meet Again”, “Reach”, “Revelation”, “Sore, “Bitter”,  “The Thievings” Improvised by Mikael Johnson, Doug Powell and Amber Powell. Shot by Mike Yamrus and Clark Kline “The 3 Clues” Promos directed by Mike Yamrus “Bereavement” and “Donkey” promos directed by Erik Secula Awards and Artomatic Room Design by Rebeccah Leister Sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery Mac Business Solutions and KeyW Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger Judges: Jack Gerbes, Matt Edens, Rona Mensah, Joey McAdams, Shuan Butcher, Lisa Duva Poster Design by Thomas Newman “Phone” and “Launch Party” Photos by 1513foto


Produced by: Clark Kline Hosts: Doug Powell, Mikael Johnson “Red Riding Hood” Opening/Bumps Directed by Joey McAdams “Clash of the Hosts” Directed by Clark Kline/Mikael Johnson Starring Mikael Johnson and Doug Powell Awards Designed by Rebeccah Leister Advisory Board: Erik Secula, Rebeccah Leister, Joey McAdams Guest Judges: Eduardo Sanchez, Alice Hoffman. Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger. Judges: Shuan Butcher, Matt Edens, Rona Mensah, Adam Lubkin, Caryn Clippert, Lee Gardner. Poster Design by Thomas Newman


Produced by: Clark Kline  Jason Streff Host: Mikael Johnson “Edgar Allan Poe” Opening and Bumps Directed by Joey McAdams “The Giving” Directed by Clark Kline, Mikael Johnson  Starring Mikael Johnson and Michelle Murad Awards designed by Rebeccah Leister Guest Judge: David Kipen Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger. Judges: Shuan Butcher, Matt Edens, Rona Mensah, Diane Sibbison Poster Design by Lauren Morrison


Produced by: Clark Kline  Jason Streff  Salyer McLaughlin Host: Mikael Johnson “Candle” Opening and Bumps by Joey McAdams 72 Film Fest and You!” and “GTA:Frederick” by Mikael Johnson Clark Kline and Joey McAdams Awards designed by Rebeccah Leister Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger. Judges: John Healey, Rona Mensah, Kevin Logghe, Amy Riley, Adam Lubkin, Matt Edens Poster Design by Jason Streff


Produced by: Clark Kline Jason Streff Salyer McLaughlin Host: Rona Mensah “Welcome to the Ring” Opening by Salyer McLaughlin “Lance and Javier” Directed by Joey McAdams/Clark Kline Starring Caroline Berno & Jason Streff Awards designed by Rebeccah Leister Judge Chair: Kelly Trigger. Judges: Shuan Butcher, Kevin Logghe, Matt Edens, David Koontz, Amy Riley, DC Cathro


Produced by: Clark Kline Jason Streff  Salyer McLaughlin Walter Chalkley Host: Mikael Johnson “Mr 72″ Directed by Joey McAdams Starring Mikael Johnson Opening Music by Shane Gamble Awards designed by Rebeccah Leister


Clark KlineJason StreffSalyer McLaughlin