After weeks of judge deliberation and number crunching, we are proud to announce the Semi-Finalists to 72 Script Fest!

72 Script Fest is the first screenplay competition produced by 72 Film Fest72 Script Fest recognizes and awards the best short screenplay created in 72 hours.

In addition to awards for Best Screenplay and Runner Up, approximately 30 screenplays from this list will be chosen as Finalists and will become the criteria for our filmmakers in October’s 72 Film Fest.  Filmmakers will adapt said Finalist screenplays into short films that will premiere at the Seventh Annual 72 Film Fest October 19th-20th.

Congratulations to the following Semi-Finalists!

Registered Name:

Adam Lutzi Rockwell
Amy Thompson
Angel Bishop
Ashley Henley, Jason Henley
Berlyn Lee
Beth Rohach
Bob Bartlett
Bob Johnson
Brett Bagwell
Brian Lee Johnson
Brianna Lux & Kay Marvin
Casey Morin
Cecil E. Davis, Jr.
Charles Pham
Chris Dancy & Lisa Chau
Chris Setten
Corey Barker
Dave Imboden
David Ebri
DC Cathro
Drew Edwards & Mark Burchick
Ems Ginsburg
J.M. Marine
Jackie Martin
Jaclyn Boser
Jessica McHugh
John Dummer
Jordan Littleton
Joseph Patrick Richards
Karen Peacock
Keith Acton
Kirkland Morris
Kristi E. Knight & Craig L. Knight
Larry Edelstein
Laura Harding
Linda Basilicato
Matthew Friend
Max Wyman
Michael Ryan
Michelle Herrin
Mike Walsh
Norman Guice
Pat Riley
Patrick Barber
Patrick Beltran
Phil Bromhal
Randy Gross
Rob Duncan, Tracy Urban
Robert Knight
Sarah Lehu
Stephen Pfeil
Stuart Creque
The Outsider
Tripp Laino

We will be giving judge scoresheets out to the writers once the winners have been announced.The Finalist Announcement will be August 9th at 7pm EST.

Thanks again to all the writers who participated!