72 Script Fest contest has completed and 107 screenplays were turned in on time!

1. Writers Register.
2. Writers Get their Writing Assignment on June 19th at 9pmEST. If you are local to Frederick Maryland USA area join us at Area 31 from 7-9pm to countdown to launch!
3. Writers Turn in Their Script online by June 22nd at 9pmEST.
4. Writer Semi-Finalists Announced on July 24th at 7PMEST with Finalists announced AUGUST 6th at 7pmEST.
5. Writer Winner and Runner Up Announced by Mid August.
6. Writer Winner Chooses a Team to Adapt their short into a Film from the Team Pool.
7. Writer Winner receives $250 Cash.

8. Chosen Team Receives half of registration Fees (minus $250 to writer) as BUDGET for film.
8. Team and Writer work to REVISE the script based on Budget and Cast/Crew needs/abilities.
9. Team shoots movie (with up to 4 days on a RED EPIC CAMERA Provided by ARCHAI MEDIA). The Chosen Team does not have to make movie in 72 hours however it must be completed before LAUNCH on October 2nd 2014.

10. Film PREMIERES at 72 Film Fest 2014 on October 11th.

Script Fest Announcement will all Dates and Information about contest.
2014 Script Fest Terms and Conditions (updated)
Details about the CRITERIA for 2014
Our Judges.
Team Pool

    THE CRITERIA for 2014:

For 72 Script Fest you are being given 3 pieces of criteria.


Each piece was entered into a database and all possible combinations were established and randomly assigned to each registered writer. The way you creatively approach this criteria will be one of the major elements of the judging.


A MASTER PLOT This plot should be your central cinematic thrust. Based somewhat on Ronald B Tobia’s book ‘20 Master Plots and How to Build Them‘, and other musings about there being only “x” amount of plots in all of storytelling.

A CHARACTER ARCHETYPE This character does not need to be the main character, but do not use them as a throwaway either. Based in part on Design through Storytelling’s Periodic Table of Storytelling.

A WRITER’S BLOCK This element should be incorporated deliberately into the script. Simply throwing it in to fulfill this element without servicing the story or character will not impress the judges.

PAGE COUNT: The maximum page count is 10 pages plus your title page. (11 pages total)

Good Luck! We hope you create something unique and most of all have fun! We can’t wait to read the fruits of your labor.

132 WRITERS Participated:
107 Writers turned in their scripts on time.
We have greyed out the criteria temporarily through the judging process.

Participating Writers


A.L. RockwellORUSYes
Adam GraysonMDUSYes
Alex OstapiejGAUSYes
Alex StrinePAGBYes
Ameesha JoshiQuebecCAYes
Andrei SeracBucurestiROYes
Andrew Galea-GB
Anna Capezzera--
Anne Marie DiNardoVAUSYes
Antanell JamisonTXUSYes
B.N. McGheeMAUSYes
Bob JohnsonMDUSYes
Bradley MeraniPAUSYes
Brett Bagwell-USYes
Brian StormMDUSYes
Brianna LuxDCUSYes
Brittany DeWittAKUSYes
C. L. Ramsey-GFYes
Cameron McDonaldQueenslandAUYes
Casey MorinMDUSYes
Ceridwen PietrasMDUSYes
Charles PhamMDUSYes
Charlie Visconage-US
Charlotte GajekBavariaDEYes
Chelsea Sutton--Yes
Chris DancyMIUSYes
Christopher AndriessenCAUSYes
Corey BarkerMDUSYes
Dale GroveMDUSYes
Dallas WhiteMDUSYes
Dan HerbertMDUSYes
Darren RaeLanarkshireGBYes
David BussardMDUSYes
David HouchinCTUSYes
DC CathroMDUSYes
Dennis WasitisMDUSYes
Derek ThomasVAVUYes
Devin McBayMDUS
Doru LupeanuQuebecCAYes
Doug StumpVAUS
Eleonora MignoliCambridgeshireGBYes
Elizabeth MorrisonMDUMYes
Elizabeth WestbrookDCUSYes
Emily GinsburgMDUSYes
Eric ChangMDUS
Eric LooneyMDUSYes
Eric Nduati-USYes
Erin GroganNYUSYes
Fabrizio T. Bagz-USYes
Fernando Eloy--
Fred PerryCAUSYes
Hannah HisimMDUSYes
J.R. WickerGAUSYes
Jaclyn BoserAZUS
Jamar GrahamCAUSYes
James LaFeminaNYUSYes
Jane GilsonMAUSYes
Jason BrownDCUSYes
Jay M SamyGAUSYes
Jenni Prange Boran--Yes
Jessica McHugh-USYes
John HoernschemeyerBWDEYes
John OtteniWAUSYes
Jon Mennella--Yes
Jordan LittletonCAUS
Joseph RichardsUTUSYes
Josie KayeMDUSYes
Judi ChristyOH-Yes
Karen PeacockMDUSYes
Kasey PoteetCAUS
Kathaleen BrewerGAUSYes
Keith Dilliplane-USYes
Ken ArnoldMDUSYes
Kenneth ReedILUS
Kim HaneyMDUSYes
Laura Harding-USYes
Levie WilliamsMDUS
Margaret Rudy-USYes
Maria HamiltonMDUSYes
Marvin KennedyMDUSYes
Matthew FriendMDUSYes
Maura Shelden-USYes
Max RadbillMDUSYes
Max WymanFLUSYes
Michael TolosaVAUSYes
Michael WalshVAUSYes
Mike RyanRIUSYes
Nathan GowerKYUSYes
Nickolas JacksonPAUSYes
Nikki StowersVAUS
Norman GuiceWVUS
Pamela NashVAUSYes
Pascale SeigneurieNYUSYes
Pat RileyMDUS
Phil BromhalMDUSYes
Philip T BrewsterLondonGBYes
Rashel Mereness-USYes
RJ Nevens Jr.TXUSYes
Ryan RussellMDUS
Sabine S. SchnurrerBavariaDEYes
Sarah AverillWVUSYes
Sarah LordNYUSYes
Scott HoldenDCUS
Sherry LloydCAUS
Stephane BrunChannel IslandsGBYes
Steven PuzissMDUSYes
Stewart LindhCAUSYes
Stuart CrequeMDUS
The OutsiderNMUSYes
Tia Hall-BrownMDUSYes
Tom PetersonNVUSYes
Tripp LainoMDUSYes
Tyler LopezVAUSYes
Vanessa RaeCAUSYes
Venkata Chanakya AnneMDUS
William Billman-USYes
Zach ChristyOHUSYes
Zachary HoneaNVUSYes
Zack CutlerMDUSYes