After weeks of deliberation, all of the screenplays have been scored and tallied!


Each of the following screenplays will become criteria for the 72 Film Fest teams in October and will potentially be made into short films* and then screened in front of a packed audience during 72 Film Fest 2012. We want to thank every writer that participated in the first part of this grand experiment. To all of the writers that didn’t move on, don’t be discouraged.  There were many screenplays that our judges liked that didn’t quite make the cut. In some cases it was very close. We will be giving the score sheets back after we announce the winners.

* providing the team completes their film.


Congratulations to the Finalists of the first 72 Script Fest!

A Big Thank You goes out to Our Judges: Matt Edens, Rhett Murphy, Alan Kreizenbeck, Erik Hadden, Eric Reickel, Walter Chalkley, Michael J Nazelrod, Shuan Butcher, and Celeste Schaefer Snyder.
Meet our Judges.


We will announce the winners in Mid-September.
At our Launch Party on October 11th, teams will pick a screenplay as their “criteria” to be used to make a short film.
Teams will assemble and use all their creative skills at hand to adapt the screenplays into short films.
All of the finished films will screen during 72 Film Fest 2012 at Weinberg Center for the Arts.


Amy Thompson
Ashley Henley, Jason Henley
Berlyn Lee
Bob Johnson
Brianna Lux & Kay Marvin
Casey Morin
Chris Dancy & Lisa Chau
Chris Setten
Dave Imboden
David Ebri
DC Cathro
Drew Edwards & Mark Burchick
Ems Ginsburg
John Dummer
Jordan Littleton
Joseph Patrick Richards
Keith Acton
Kirkland Morris
Laura Harding
Max Wyman
Michael Ryan
Michelle Herrin
Norman Guice
Pat Riley
Patrick Beltran
Phil Bromhal
The Outsider
Tripp Laino

Full List of Semi Finalists.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the first 72 Script Fest!