The First Round of Judging is Complete!

We know you’ve been waiting and you just want to jump below to see the results. If so go ahead, we’ll be here when you get back. Back already? Or are you just one of those kinda peeps that love the anticipation?


We would like to thank all of the entrants to 72 Script Fest 2014! There were bunches of good scripts this year and it was pretty difficult to wittle them down to the group of writers you see below. The random combinations of criteria produced a wide variety of screenplays, even from writers who received similar elements. It was a joy reading through them all and seeing the pics/posts tagged #72scriptFest and #72fest on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our iOS app.

For those that didn’t move on, we hope you had fun through the process and you’ll come back for our Third Script Fest to be announced later this year. If you come out to 72 Film Fest in October, be sure to introduce yourself!

“It’s better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or out in the parking lot.” – Steven Pressfield (The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles and King Kong Lives).


To those that moved on, congratulations! Your anxiety and sleepless nights refreshing the 72 website for any update have only just begun.


If you moved on as a Semi-Finalist, it might be time to start figuring out what team you would choose to adapt your screenplay should you win or place runner up. Note: In the past couple weeks, there have been some new additions to the Team Pool


We will announce finalists WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6th at 7pm EST. After that it’s the Winner and Runner-Up Announcement, then a couple of these babies will get made into movies.

But before we get ahead of ourselves- we still have a lot of work to do to find our Winner and Runner-Up(s).
Good Luck to all of the Semi-Finalists!
Signing off until the Finalist Announcement…

The Staff @ 72Fest


Adam GraysonMDUS
Alex StrinePAGB
Anne Marie DiNardoVAUS
Brianna LuxDCUS
C. L. Ramsey-GF
Charles PhamMDUS
Chris DancyMIUS
Christopher AndriessenCAUS
David BussardMDUS
Dennis WasitisMDUS
J.R. Wicker & Michael BiermanGAUS
Jenni Prange Boran--
Jessica McHugh-US
Jon Mennella--
Josie KayeMDUS
Laura Harding-US
Max RadbillMDUS
Michael TolosaVAUS
Michael WalshVAUS
Mike RyanRIUS
Nathan GowerKYUS
Phil BromhalMDUS
Philip T BrewsterLondonGB
Rashel Mereness-US
Stephane BrunChannel IslandsGB
The OutsiderNMUS
Tyler LopezVAUS
William Billman-US
Zachary HoneaNVUS
Zack CutlerMDUS

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