Congrats! You found the third clue!

New to 72?

If this is your first time to the website, let us explain what is happening. In 72 Film Fest teams have 72 Hours to Make a movie in October. All of those movies will screen the following weekend at Weinberg Center. Each team will be given certain criteria based around an overreaching theme. Past themes have been anything from “First lines of a book” to “Fairy Tales” to a “Polaroid”. This years theme is going to be revealed through CLUES.

What are these clues?

We have publicly released four clues to this year’s theme. See them all here. We will also be hiding QR codes around Frederick and online that will link to hidden clues.

Two Hints to the Theme:
This year’s theme will not be a script.
This year’s theme will be something new.

Watch the Clue.
Find the Next.
The theme will be revealed when all the clues are found.
Good Luck in your journey.

Here is the third hidden clue:

The Next Clue:

Released 8.24.13

How many clues will there be? We can’t tell. But we will announce every time we hide a new QR code here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

CLUE TO ONLINE LOCATION:  If  ()=Hometown of 72 Then:  THE()SHOW.COM = Hidden Clue 4.