2016 Teams

Tonight we announced the 2016 Nominations/Awards. Congratulations to all the winning teams! It was a great year of films, thanks to all who participated!

Best Sound: Laserstar Nominations: Moonslaves, Stepdad Productions, Noticeable Grain

Best Acting: Unimental Nominations: Missing Link Cinema, Moonslaves, Frexit, Twilight Jones Productions

Best Cinematography: Laserstar Nominations: Missing Link Cinema, Moonslaves, Frexit, Pecos Bill and the Wranglers

Best Costume: Crowded Elevator Nominations: SRK Video, Unimental, Stepdad

Best Editing: Stepdad Productions Nominations: Laserstar, Moonslaves, Noticeable Grain, Crowded Elevator

Best Writing: Crowded Elevator Nominations: Frexit, Twilight Jones Productions, Stepdad Productions, Pecos Bill and the Wranglers

Best Pro: Laserstar Nominations: Unimental, Crowded Elevator, Missing Link Cinemas, Laserstar

Best Amateur: Frexit Nominations: Noticeable Grain, Weapons Grade Geranium, Brigand Filmworks

Best Student: Twilight Jones Productions Nominations: Moyst, SRK Video

Best of the Rest: Weapons Grade Geranium For Best of the Rest, the Producers recognize a team that excelled or impressed but didn’t win any other award.

Best of the Fest:Laserstar Nominations: Unimental, Twilight Jones Productions, Frexit, Moonslaves

Audience Choice:Frexit

Congratulations to all the teams that made and turned in movies! We hoped you enjoyed screening your films amongst your peers. It’s a treat to show off your films every year, all at once, in one sitting until your butt is numb and your voice is a little weak from cheering.

Below are the 2016 Finalists, followed by the two films chosen by Audience to move on to Saturday Night. Be sure to come out tomorrow night to the Main Event to watch the Finalists, Awards and some surprises, and if you can’t make it- don’t miss the After Party at Nido’s. We got the whole place, there’s door prizes, magic, tarot and other fun shenanigans.


Audience Choices to move on to Saturday: 12 Sided Entertainment, and Shrug.

2016 Registered Teams:

45 Teams Registered (updated 9.28).
28 Returning, 17 New.
14 Pro, 20 Amateur, 11 Student.


Remember there are 3 Parts to the Criteria:
The Tarot Card, The 3 Pictures, The Maximum Length. All can be found here.

Turn In:

Turn in is Sunday Night at Area 31 from 6-9pm EST. Come out, sign the posters and celebrate.

For those that can’t make it to Area 31 (31 East Patrick St), you can submit online via Google (Click Share, Click Get Shareable Link, Email [email protected]) and DropBox (Click Share, Copy Link, email [email protected]). Remember that uploading to these services can take some time depending on your internet speed, so make sure it is completely uploaded, and we have the link in our hands. Remote Teams who received their Criteria at 10pm EST are due 10pm EST. Good Luck on the Final Stretch!

You will get a chance to sign the posters at the Weinberg Center on Friday Night. Tickets for your team will be available at Weinberg Center Will Call soon. We will update when we drop them off. As part of registration, teams are given 2 or 3 Two Day Passes (depending on time of registration).

Friday Night Block Schedule .

Block 1 (Students/Amateurs) (alphabetical – not screening order) 12 Sided Entertainment Brigand Filmworks Bright Boy Alert Carpet Wall Productions Demon/ Angel Productions EEG Productions Flatdog Media KFC Productions Molten Llama Films MoonandMarsProductions Moyst Productions Noticeable Grain Skybox Productions SRK Video Stank The Essential Abstraction TheAverageSociety Twilight Jones Productions Weapons Grade Geranium

Block 2 (Amateurs/Pros) (alphabetical – not screening order) Ah Muh Face! Cold Robot Studios Couch Money Crowded Elevator Pictures Dniym Productions Empty Bottle Studios Exit Music (For a Film) Film.Lovables Flotilla Films Frexit Laserstar LB Studios Missing Link Cinema Moonslaves Nas-t Productions Ophiuchus Pictures Pecos Bill and the Wranglers Shrug Productions Stepdad Productions The Comedy Pigs Unimental

Team NameCritera #CardCard DivinationTurned in?
12 Sided Entertainment24Five of SwordsVictory with Dishonor.Y
Ah Muh Face!25Four of SwordsA Retreat into Solitude.
Brigand Filmworks68JusticeA Righteous Justice AttainedY
Bright Boy Alert22Seven of SwordsAn Impulsive Plan That May Fail.Y
Byerfilms17Knight of SwordsA Rush into War.
Carpet Wall Productions12Three of CupsCelebration After Common Goal AchievedY
Cold Robot Studios40Three of WandsThe Beginning of A JourneyY
Couch Money21Eight of SwordsDamned if you do, Damned if you don’t.Y
Crowded Elevator Pictures45Knight of PentaclesA Stubborn ApproachY
Demon/ Angel Productions26Three of SwordsA Loss that Ruptures.Y
Dniym Productions59The High PriestessSecrets Cloud Your Unknown FutureY
EEG Productions72The DevilSeduction by the Material WorldY
Empty Bottle Studios66The HermitA Search for the SoulY
Exit Music (For a Film)41Two of WandsNow is the Time to be BoldY
Film.Lovables10Five of CupsA Loss, But Something RemainsY
Flatdog Media51Six of PentaclesNow is the accepted time, presentY
Flotilla Films70DeathAn End (Not a Mortal One)Y
Frexit63The LoversTrials Overcome Through LoveY
KFC Productions31Knight of WandsA Departure without ExpectationsY
Laserstar2Queen of CupsA Secret Willing to be SharedY
LB Studios42Ace of WandsA Birth in the FamilyY
Missing Link Cinema57The FoolA New Beginning with unlimited potential.Y
Molten Llama Films54Three of PentaclesThe Mastery of a SkillY
MoonandMarsProductions53Four of PentaclesA Hoarding of RichesY
Moonslaves3Knight of CupsA Messenger Arrives with a PropositionY
Moyst Productions67Wheel of FortuneA New WealthY
Nas-t Productions60The EmpressCreation of Life and ArtY
Noticeable Grain62The HierophantOrder Through RighteousnessY
Ophiuchus Pictures7Eight of CupsA Desertion of Felicity for Greener PasturesY
Pecos Bill and the Wranglers39Four of WandsHarmony, Prosperity, Peace be YoursY
Phoenix35Eight of WandsGreat Haste, Great Hope, Speed toward Felicity
Shrug Productions23Six of SwordsA Dangerous JourneyY
Skybox Productions75The MoonDanger from Hidden EnemiesY
SRK Video69The Hanged ManCircumspection Then SacrificeY
Stank30Queen of WandsA Confident Woman Will Appear.Y
StaticBox77JudgementJudgement and Rebirth
Stepdad Productions74The StarSerenity Through Acceptance of FaultsY
The Comedy Pigs6Nine of CupsA Wish FulfilledY
The Essential Abstraction52Five of PentaclesA Quagmire Is ImminentY
TheAverageSociety32Page of WandsDon’t lose yourself, Don’t lose your chance.Y
Twilight Jones Productions13Two of CupsThe Power of LoveY
Unimental8Seven of CupsDon't Lose Your Head in the CloudsY
Weapons Grade Geranium9Six of CupsHappy Reflections of ChildhoodY