Congratulations to all of the Finalists in 72 Film Fest 2013! 

This year teams really embraced the SCIENCE concept and turned out some amazing films.  A huge thank you goes out to each filmmaker that gave their time and energy into creating a film in 72 hours.  It’s not easy work, and some of you stepped up to the plate for the first time, and some of you understand the difficulties and come out each year.  We hope to see each and every team back, or at the very least making more movies leading up to the next 72.
On to the finalists for 72 Film Fest 2013!

The judges selected 14 teams to move on to Saturday Night, and the audience chose one in each block to move.
Block One Finalists TEAM CRITERIA SKILL 
Echoes In The Void (5m 45s) Lambda Kappa Tau Dark Matter Amateur
The Death(s) of Gabe (5m 24s) Lounge Rat Productions Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection Student
200 ft (4m 33s) Cracked Pipe Films Doppler Effect Amateur
Stiffed (5m 30s) Nas-t Productions First Law of Thermodynamics Student
Deadmeat Pete (6m 10s) Unimental Occam’s Razor Amateur
Block Two Finalists:
Jeffrey (6m 40s) Pecos Bill and the Wranglers Zeno’s Paradox Pro
Uncertain Principles (6m 54s) Missing Link Cinema Quantum Mechanics Pro
Chairs (6m 15s) Stepdad Productions Second Law of Thermodynamics Amateur
Bear (6m 22s) Laserstar Entertainment Holographic Principle Pro
Screw (6m 55s) Moon Slaves Gutenberg-Richter Law Pro
Domus (5m 30s) Great Vengeance & Furious Anger Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Pro
Switching Poles (4m 39s) ideekay? Biot–Savart Law Amateur
Parental Advisory (6m 53s) Crowded Elevator Pictures Coding Theory Pro
Shape the Future (4m 45s) Henlivision Buys Ballot’s Wind and Pressure Law Pro


These two films will also move on because they were selected by the audience.

Block One:
Chimney Sweep Productions.

Block Two: