72 Film Fest 2013 DATES









Date: 10.3

Location: Artomatic Frederick.

Host: Pete Bergen.

Music: Synapsis

Info: Come out to the Flying Dog Happy Hour in building two from 5:30-7 then head up to the top floor of Building One for the Launch Party.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Teams will finalize registration, pick up their filmmaker packets.  We’ll have a few surprises, then Pete Bergen will take the stage and criteria selection will begin.

  • 5:30-7pm Flying Dog Happy Hour
  • 7-7:45- Registration
  • 8-9pm – Launch.
  • 9-? – Brainstorm Party at Area 31


Dates: 10.3 – 10.6
Turn in: 10.6 7-9pm Area 31.












10.9 – “The Lost Art of Visual Storytelling” with Samuel Tressler. An Area 31 Film Event.  Free.  PG13. 7-9pm

It has been 120 years since the founding of film. Along the way we have created a past time that current generations have grown up with, giving us an escape from our daily lives, a vision of dreams, a cathartic release from frustrations, or a summation of feelings. Unfortunately though, it seems as the older this medium gets, the more we have lost sight of the power and potential impact such a medium can have on the viewer. Nearly all modern films are no more than mindless entertainment, but there was a time when theory was king and the intended affect of a film on its viewer was studied like a science.

Samuel Tressler IV presents the Golden Era of Silent Cinema; the masters of the medium and the techniques of the trade that made the early 1900’s the true pinnacle of artistry in filmmaking.


Over 21.  7pm.

Flying Dog and 72 Film Fest Present WEIRD SCIENCE at the Brewery.

With Craft Beer, Shock and Awe Finalists, Best Photo Announced, and Other Surprises… 21 and Over.  Wear a bra on your head to add to the fun.  $5 with samples.

72 Film Fest Year Eight.

Location: Weinberg Center for the Arts

10.11.13 – Friday Night Premieres. All 72 Film Fest 2013 entries make their world premieres.  Finalists will be announced at the end of the block.

6:30 Block One

8:30 Block Two

10.12.13 Saturday Night Main Event

Host: by Mikael Johnson

7-9:30pm Watch all the Finalists.

9:45 – Award Ceremony followed by Flying Dog After Party at JOJOs