2013 Results

This year was quite an amazing year for movies.

Congratulations to all of the Finalists, Award Winners, and those able to get their film in!


Audience Choice:

Crowded Elevator: Parental Advisory



Best of the Fest:

Moon Slaves: Screw 

Nominations:  Lounge Rat Productions, Henlivision, ideekay?, Stepdad Productions

Best Pro

Moon Slaves: Screw

Nominations: Henlivision, Missing Link

Best Amateur:

Stepdad Productions: Chairs

Nominations: Cracked Pipe Productions, ideekay?

Head of the Class (Best Student):

Lounge Rat Productions: The Death(s) of Gabe

Nominations: Nas t

Best Cinematography:

Missing Link Cinema

Nominations: Pecos Bill, Lambda Kappa Tau, Moon Slaves

Best Editing:

Moon Slaves

Nominations: Missing Link, Henlivision, Pecos Bill

Best Writing:

Moon Slaves

Nominations: ideekay, Missing Link, Crowded Elevator

Best Music/Sound:

ideekay? Switching Poles

Moon Slaves, Henlivision, Missing Link

Flying Dog Shock and Awe:

Stepdad Productions: Chairs