2012 Entries

2012. Year 7. Scripts. aka THE WRITER.
CRITERIA: Teams were given finalist scripts from 72 SCRIPT FEST to adapt into a short film.841194_10151318332988952_1265858016_o

First Block

JKI Productionz/Extrospect Entertainment – Student – “Psych Out” – Written By Keith Acton – PG

Directors from the Black Lagoon – Student – “Resolution” – Written by Michelle Herrin – PG-13

The PUNishers – Student – “Made for Each Other” – Written by Jordan Littleton – PG-13

Team Molten Llama – Student – “A Bad Day at the Office” – Written by Casey Morin – PG-13

SavedByTheMerv – Student – “And the Stars Sang” – Written by Dave Imboden – PG

Forthright Films – Student – “Wishes” – Written by Norman Guice – G

Ashley Ellis Productions – Student – “The Pariah of Aquimon” – Written by Joseph Patrick Richards – PG-13

Ophiuchus Pictures – Student – “Night Walk” – Written by David Ebri – R (Adult themes/violence/drugs)

One Step Films – Student – “Witness in the Shadows of Westfield High” – Written by Ashley Henley & Jason Henley – PG

Lounge Rat Productions – Student – “The Christmas Present/Past” – Written by DC Cathro – PG

Turbo Duck – Student – “Principles” – Written by Pat Riley – PG

D.D. BRA – Student – “Patricia’s Box” – Written by Darren Joe – R (Language/Violence)

Stepdad Productions “Elysium Beach” – Written by Ems Ginsburg – PG-13

Chimney Sweep Pictures “The Lebeaux File” – Written by Kirkland Morris – PG

Second Block

Unimental (Or How I Learned to Love the Fest) – Amateur – “Patricia’s Box”Written by Darren Joe – R (Language/Violence)

Lambda Kappa Tau – Amateur – “Waiting for the New Light”Written by The Outsider – PG

Films of the Magnificent Pirate – Pro – “An Ill Wind”Written by John Drummer – PG-13

Chiet Productions – Pro – “The Flame” – Written by Bob Johnson – PG-13

DallasWhiteFilms – Amateur – “The Vanishing Field” – Written by Phil Bromhal – PG-13

Henlivision Productions – Pro – “Trip or Treat” – Written by Drew Edwards and Mark Burchick – PG-13

Crowded Elevator Pictures – Pro – “Made for Each Other” – Written by Jordan Littleton – PG-13

Never Shut Up/Live Out Loud – Amateur – “Baking Bad” – Written by Michael Ryan – PG-13

Noticeable Grain – Amateur – “Chowder House Love” – Written by Chris Setten – R (Adult Themes/Language/drugs)

Filmlovables – Pro – “Shakes” – Written by Tripp Laino – PG-13

Verité – Pro – “Worst Nymphs Ever” – Written by Brianna Lux & Kay Marvin – PG-13

Bright Boy Alert – Amateur – “Principles” – Written by Pat Riley – R (Adult Themes/Violence)

Pecos Bill and the Wranglers – Pro – “Alien Love” – Written by Chris Dancy & Lisa Chau – PG-13

Gross – Amateur – “David’s Day” – Written by Max Wyman – PG-13

Short Fuse – Amateur – “Tussin’ and Turnin’” – Written by Drew Edwards and Mark Burchick – R (Language/drugs)

Missing Link Cinema – Pro – “The Rising” – Written by Bob Johnson – PG-13

Ah Muh Face! – Amateur – “Dick Dangerous Returns” PG-13



  • Cinematography: “The Rising” by Missing Link Cinema
  • Editing: “The Christmas Present/Past” by Lounge Rat Productions
  • Acting: “The Flame” by Chiet Productions
  • Music/sound: “Made for Each Other” by Crowded Elevator Pictures
  • Best Student: “The Christmas Present/Past” by Lounge Rat Productions
  • Best Amateur: “Patricia’s Box” by Unimental (Or How I Learned to Love the Fest)
  • Best Pro: “Made for Each Other” by Crowded Elevator Pictures
  • Best of the Rest: “Alien Love” by Pecos Bill and the Wranglers
  • Best of the Fest: “Made for Each Other” by Crowded Elevator Pictures
  • Flying Dog Shock and Awe: “Trip or Treat” Henlivision Productions
  • Audience Choice: “Chowder House Love” by Noticeable Grain
Awards Designed by Roland Metal Art


Finalists From Block One:

Lounge Rat Pictures
Saved by the Merv
JKI PRODUCTIONZ/Extrospect Entertainment

Audience Choice From Block One:

Chimney Sweep Pictures

Finalists from Block Two:

Lambda Kappa Tau
Films of the Magnificent Pirate
Chiet Productions
Pecos Bill and the Wranglers
Missing Link Cinema
Crowded Elevator Pictures
Noticeable Grain
Henlivision Productions

Audience Choice From Block Two: 

Ah Muh Face

JUDGES: Kelly Trigger, Jack Gerbes, Rhett Murphy, Matt Edens, Eric Reickel, Nicole Dowlearn, Rona Mensah, Evan Guilfoyle.


2012 was the year that almost broke the Fest. We tried something totally new, a script contest where the prize for the finalists is getting your film made into a short.  Many filmmakers loved this (and still ask every year for us to do it again), some did not like it at all. Some hated it. And we heard about the hate, quite often. In the end we were thankful that so many teams ended up jumping on board the experiment as there was some great films in the mix.  It was definitely an interesting experiment.  We wanted to show the different sides behind the camera, starting with THE WRITER.  Every movie may “begin” with the writer, but with most scripts in Hollywood going through dozens of rewriters and script doctors, it’s difficult to see exactly who is responsible for both the best and worst coming out of Tinseltown.  Here we wanted the writers to experience how a Director might approach their work (include them, not include them) and also show Directors that sometimes you gotta work on projects that are not 100% your own… but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to MAKE it your own. Some scripts were handed out twice, so the audience was able to see two different director’s takes on the same material.  Perhaps the best way to experience the feeling of 2012 for us is to watch Team Gross entry.  Their adaptation is surreal while at the same time seemingly commenting on the act of adaptation that so many of the teams had trouble with.

For some reason in 2012 we decided to do a spoof on Horror films with Mikael Johnson, Doug Powell and of course Jeff Keilholtz.  Growing up on horror, there were two very specific scenes that Clark wanted to play with – neither of them ended up being shot due to schedules (always with the schedules) as well as the complexity of the set needed.  In the end, the sketches riff on some horror tropes and movies like Saw, Friday the 13th, Blair Witch Project, Evil Dead, The Ring, and a few others. The idea was Doug and Mikael would be trapped by THE WRITER “Jigsaw” and end up bouncing around various horror films as they tried to escape to get to the Festival in time.

Mike Yamrus’ young son Stone put on the Jigsaw mask for the TV, and Jeff Keilholtz reprised his role of “Serious Actor”, this time looking for advice.  A few endings were brainstormed and an alternative even shot. One final scene was supposed to be a bunch of Film Fest patrons zombie-ly walking towards the theater with 0 percent on their cellphones crying for “batteries” instead of brains as they went in. A different final scene was a somewhat inspiring ending where Doug and Mikael convince Jigsaw to let them out and do their public service by supporting the arts and filmmakers. It was to be a comment on how we can all inspire each other to make new art.  It was probably the sappiest thing we’ve tried and it kinda worked.  But instead, Clark was frustrated with all the complaints about Scripts on Friday Night, so he revoiced Jigsaw as bitter and a bit bitchy at the filmmakers only hours before the big event on Saturday Night. No one really knew it changed until it screened, including the hosts Mikael and Doug.

We did one other 72 Script Fest, which also had mixed results (but that’s for another time). Maybe one day we’ll do a third Script Fest, but it will remain outside the Main Fest.