72 Film Fest 2010

Year 5 Results.

Year 5. We made it through!

After we catch up on much needed sleep we will do a better recap but for now here’s a quick run down of the results.

We always start out “winning” notifications this way: we want to of course congratulate all of you that completed a film.  It’s no small feat and we hope that the experience of gathering some crew/friends/family together for a weekend to create something was worth more than any award.  There were many great movies this year, and our winner list is just a fraction of them.

Here are the winners for 72 Film Fest 2010.

Best Use of Fairy Tale Theme (Awarded by Best Selling Novelist ALICE HOFFMAN):

Team Verite for “The Man and his Robot”.

Avant Garde (Awarded by Writer/Director Eduardo Sanchez):

Team Noticeable Grain Productions for: BILLY.


Team Bebop for “Beans”

Finalists:Team Verite, Pecos Bill and the Wranglers.


Team Bebop for “Beans”

Finalists: Missing Link, Pecos Bill and the Wranglers.


Big Wave Media for Devotion

Finalists: Missing Link, Northward Advance


Connectivity Group for “Wish”

Finalists: Team Bebop, Big Wave Media, Verite, Missing Link Cinema


Connectivity Group Productions for “Wish”

Finalists: Laserstar Entertainment, Verite, Bebop, Missing Link Cinema


Noticeable Grain Productions for “Billy”

Finalists:  Verite, Connectivity, Hope Machine, Missing Link

Head of the Class (Student):

Home Video Productions for The Dull Pencil

Finalists: Beyond the Pale


StepDad Productions for The Other Side

Finalists: Hope Machine, Noticeable Grain, Short Fuse


Connectivity Group for  ”Wish”

Finalists: Verite, Bebop, Missing Link, Big Wave Media

Best of the Fest:

Connectivity Group for “Wish”

Finalists: StepDad Productions, Home Video Productions, Bebop,  Missing Link Cinema

Audience Choice:

(decided by audience ballot)

Giant Sharks & Dynamite.

Raise The Roof

(decided by audience noise)

Team Bebop for “Beans”