72 Film Fest 2006

Team Zissou 2006Gibson 2006FredROCK

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Grand Jury Narrative – Steve Gibson and team Open Bar for “Death and Reproduction”

Grand Jury Documentary – Jennifer Herman of TKPROductions for “Marxian Theory on Creativity”

Audience Choice – Will Saxton and Team Rainbow for “Natural Selection”

Best Writing – Zoe Ubaldo and team FredRock Crew for “Squeeze” (theme: Addiction without sex, drugs, or alcohol)

Best Music – Barnaby Holmes and Team Zissou for “Devotion”

Producers’ Avante Garde Award – Brian Slagle and team Bran Flager for “Death with Levity”

Best Use of Mystery Criteria – Barnaby Holmes and Team Zissou for “Devotion”

Best Cinematography – Rupesh Mahajan and Team Bollywood for “Hope” (theme: invention)

Best Acting – Steve Gibson and team Open Bar for “Death and Reproduction”

Best Hair and Makeup – Nickolas Jackson and team Sailor Jack Pictures for “Rebecca” (theme: transformation)

Awards created by Beccah Bartlett and Gold Thumb Jewelers
Hosted by Mikael Johnson.

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Our short film “Mr. 72″ featuring interviews with cast and crew of various productions, starring brave teams and Mikael Johnson. Edited by Joey McAdams and Clark Kline.

All of the Participating Teams

Crimson Visions:  Idolatry
Sailor Jack Pictures: Transformation
Eyelounge Films: Celebration
FredROCK Crew: Addiction (with no sex drugs or alcohol)
MouthBreathers: Freedom
Bollywood: Invention
Victory, Inc: Hope
Bran Flager: Death with Levity
Rainbow: Natural Selection
10/Ten: The Number of Man
Gorgegatic Films: Blind Faith
Open Bar: Death and Reproductoin
Zissou: Devotion. Challenge: No Visual Cuts
Laserstar Entertainment: Green
Indeed: War without Weapons

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