72 Film Fest 2009


Congratulations and thanks to all the teams that participated this year. There was a wonderful turnout of 40 teams and over 800 audience in attendance.


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Best of the Fest

Winner: Connectivity Group Productions for A Mouse Eye View

Finalists: Open Bar for The Gold Bug, Giant Sharks & Dynamite for Alone Again

Best Professional

Winner: Open Bar for The Gold Bug

Finalists: Big Wave Media for Captive, Connectivity Group Productions for A Mouse Eye View

Best Amateur

Winner: Giant Sharks & Dynamite for Alone Again

Finalists: Laserstar Entertainment forWitness, Uncle Andross for Spectacle

Head of the Class

Winner: The Falcons for Rough Draft

Finalists: Northward Advance for Dan Douglass and the Triumph Over Conflict, Collision Course Media Productions for Moments

Poe Challenge

Winner: CineGraphic Studios for The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Potato Head


Audience Choice

Winner: Giant Sharks & Dynamite for Alone Again


Raise the Roof

Winner: CineGraphic Studios for The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Potato Head


Winner: Connectivity Group Productions for A Mouse Eye View

Finalists: Open Bar for The Gold Bug, Laserstar Entertainment for Witness



Winner: Big Wave Media for Captive

Finalists: Open Bar for The Gold Bug, Missing Link Cinema for Eleanor



Winner: Laserstar Entertainment for Witness

Finalists: Big Wave Media for Captive, Open Bar for The Gold Bug



Winner: Giant Sharks & Dynamite for Alone Again

Finalists: Exile Films for Corset, Big Wave Media for Captive



Winner: Giant Sharks & Dynamite for Alone Again

Finalists: Missing Link Cinema for Eleanor, Connectivity Group Productions forMouse Eye View




Official Selections:



Big Wave Media for Captive

Open Bar for The Gold Bug

Connectivity Group Productions for Mouse Eye View

Pecos Bill & The Wranglers for Introduction

Exile Films for Corset

Missing Link Cinema forEleanor


Laserstar Entertainment for Witness

Green Pool Productions for Fortunato’s Lament

Sailorjack Pictures for The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat

CineGraphic Studios for The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Potato Head

Giant Sharks and Dynamite for Alone Again

Ah Muh Face for JEFF

Browning Film Productions for My Last Words

Uncle Andross for Spectacle


The Falcons for Rough Draft

Northward Advance for Dan Douglass and the Triumph Over Conflict

Collision Course Media Productions for Moments


Non-Official Selection Audience Choice


Bright Boy Alert for The Gold Bug Caper

Rainbow for Dick Powers

Sparkly Fresh Pictures for Nevermore


2009 Criteria is IMAGE OF INFLUENCE.

Each team chose an image with the instruction to have it be a major influence on their film. Read moreHERE.

2009 Optional Theme will include Edgar Allan Poe. Read more HERE.

Below is information regarding 72 Film Fest 2009. Participating teams will fall within one of the three categories below:

Professional: Any single team member has been making movies for 5 years or more.

Student: All members of your team attend either a jr high, high school, or college.

Amateur: Everyone else.

Dates for 72 Film Fest 2009

LAUNCH PARTY: Oct 1st at Frederick Cultural Arts Center

Challenge: Oct 1-4

FESTIVAL: Oct 9-10 at Weinberg Center for the Arts.

Saturday’s October 10th Main Event is Hosted by MIKAEL JOHNSON!


Mikael Johnson is a writer, director, actor, improviser, and comic residing in Washington, D.C. Growing up, the youngest of three boys, in Middletown, Maryland. Johnson spent most of his childhood playing sports, baseball in particular and would eventually play in college and then a short time over seas in Europe. Upon returning from overseas, he started taking acting and improv lessons at the Maryland Ensemble Theater in Frederick, Maryland. It eventually led to him landing roles on stage and in front of the camera locally. As he grew into his vocation, Johnson spent more time traveling to Washington DC to work with Washington Improv Theater (WIT) and in the local comedy scene.

For the past 5 years, he has called Washington his “artistic” home, branching out to perform in shows and festivals all over the country. In the past couple years, he has turned his focus to writing and producing.In 2008 he spent the summer and fall writing and producing web segments, as the sports reporter character “Majic”, for Nike 6.0 during the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour. Currently, he is the editor of the comedic networking website, DCComedy4Now.com, one of the principal actors (Bunky) in the upcoming webseries, “Parabnormal”, and continues to perform, teach and direct at Washington Improv Theater.


Kelly Trigger As an associate professor of English at FCC, Kelly instructs courses on film as literature (*panel chair)

Matt Edens With over ten years of experience in television, Matt’s currently writing for Snapped, a true-crime documentary series on the Oxygen network

Rona Mensah Morning DJ at KEY 103 and a Company Member of the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Shuan Butcher Executive Director of the Frederick Arts Council

Diane Sibbison Exhibits Manager at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center

David Kipen Author of The Schreiber Theory: A Radical Rewrite of American Film History, Director of Literature at the US National Endowment for the Arts, book critic for San Francisco Chronicle, and contributing essayist for National Public Radio.



23 Returning Teams.

17 New Teams.



Team: Missing Link Cinema

Missing Link Cinema consists of Frederick filmmakers, Jason, Charles, and Karen. Their achievements include receiving three Telly Awards, placing in the Top 250 of the Project Greenlight Director’s Contest, and winning Best Writing in the 2008 72 Film Fest for their movie, “Falling”. They have recently expanded their endeavors into the realm of software application development for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices. For more information, go towww.missinglinkcinema.com. Blog. Twitter. Past Entries:“Falling” (2008) Past Wins:“Writing” for “Falling”


Team: Open Bar

After opening strongly at the 2006 72Fest, winning both Grand Prize and Best Acting Awards, and sort-of screwing the pooch in 2007 by missing the deadline, and then doing other stuff in 2008, Open Bar is back with hopes of more winning and screwing in 2009. Returning regulars include Steve Gibson, Director, Gus Soudah, DP, and Jessica Paquin, Co-Producer. Well, that’s all we’ve heard from so far. Newbies include Meredith Field, PA, and Frederick’s own man-about-town, Shelton Breeden, as The Beaver. Past Entries: “Death and Reproduction” (2006), “Poker Face” (2007) Past Wins:“Acting” and “Best in Show” for “Death and Reproduction”


Team Pecos Bill and the Wranglers.

After the dust cleared and the sky was seen 2 strangers met. They had a baby and parted ways. this baby was left to fend for itself in the harsh desert. Raised by coyotes and jack rabbits, he tamed the desert beasts. Bored with no danger to be had, at the age of 5 he decided to take up film making, giving himself the name of Pecos Bill. Along with his desert friends, the Wranglers, a team was made to dominate the world of media…Past Entries:White Flags (2007), Hearts, Trees and Cardboard Dreams (2008) Past Wins: Head of the Class” for White Flags and “Head of the Class”, “Audience Choice” and a “Raise the Roof” tie for Hearts, Trees and Cardboard Dreams.


Team: Big Wave Media

Big Wave Media is back for a third year, hoping to continue their winning streak. The team consists of friends and family who have worked in the video business for almost 10 years. Big Wave Media consists of Mike Yamrus (Dir./Editor), Jeremy Eccard (AD), Kyle Eccard (PA) Mike Leopard (PA) and Shae Yamrus (AP). Past entries: “Release” (2007) – (2008) “Our Secret”. Past Wins:Release (Best of the Fest, Best Acting, Best Cinematography). Our Secret (Best Professional Film, Best Cinematography.)


Team Connectivity Group Productions

This is CG’s first entry into the 72 Film Fest though some members have participated in previous years. Having just completed the 48 hour DC fest a few months ago we are apparently gluttons for punishment. We are excited to be participating in our home town. A New Team.


Team: Exile

We are a group of graphic designers and photographers. Most of the group works for S2 DesignLab, an advertising firm dealing mostly in print and web. We began offering video services a few years ago and have enjoyed the diversity of the work. We are excited about participating this year and are always anxious about a new creative challenge. A New Team.



Team: Elephant Graveyard Productions

Elephant Graveyard Productions formed in 2008 and made its debut at the Frederick 72 Fest that same year, and took home the award for best music. The founder J.p. Schmidt serves as the writer, director, and cinematographer, and previously ran AWS Studios. The rest of the production company consists of Sean Stack; writer and grip, Thom Huenger; composer, Alex Lenzi; Assistant Director. Actors on call include: Clayton Myers, Stephanie Gross, Joe Jalette, Sam Sisson, Amber Levow. Past Entries:Mirage (2008) Past Wins: Best Use of Music for Mirage.



Team: Elephants of Style

EMAIL your bio/pic.


Team: Series6 Flix

Series6 has been working on shorts for nearly 3 years. Their current goal has always been their ultimate goal: making money making full length features. Past Entries: Please (2008)



Team: Cinegraphic

Team CineGraphic is comprised of film-maker Eric Krasner and artist Keighty Paul. Eric is an avid 16mm film collector and has produced countless shorts for Youtube. When not busy writing his first musical, “The Bar Mitzvah of Buckwheat O’Brien”, Eric volunteers as a massage therapist for injured trout. Keighty Paul lives in Hagerstown and has a Bachelors Degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Keighty is president and CEO of the Beard Grooming Academy for Women and her hobbies include wine-making, bread baking, heart breaking and competitive Jello shaking.y. Past Entries: Forbidden Images (2007) YOUTube



Amateurs with aspirations. A New Team. (although they tried last year)


Team: Bright Boy Alert

Animation plagued by audio problems. Yep. Past Entries: Faith (2007), A Self Made Man (2008) Past Wins:2008 Finalist: A Self Made Man


Team: Nas-T Productions

Nas-T productions is a group of film making friends who enjoy making movies almost as much as they enjoy eating pizza and ice cream… almost…A New Team


Team: Mountaindale Arts Collective

We believe in art. We believe in the healing properties of creativity being unleashed. We believe in the process of things. Mountaindale Arts Collective is on a mission to open doors leading to unknown places. A Frederick artist recently said there are two things that have existed since the dawn of time, in every culture, which cannot be logically explained: art and spirituality. We believe in th innate connection between the two. Do you? A New Team.


Team: Step Dad Productions

A couple of kids from the Career and Technology Center who appreciate film and having a good time.



Team: Cineplex

Comprised of a group of college students, Team Cineplex strives to be an enjoyable source of filmmaking for the local and Internet communities. Past Entries: Running to Consciousness (2006), The End’s Beginning (2007)


Team: Laserstar Entertainment

A group of three with a passion for films and filmmaking. The description doesn’t get anymore generic than that… Past Entries:The Switch (2006), God Pencils (2007), Daze (2008). Past Wins: God Pencils (Best Music, Editing, In the Street Challenge).


Team: Tiger-Rabbit

A team made up of some veterans of previous 72 Film Fests and 72 Play Fest, and some newcomers. A New Team. Didn’t check in at Launch Party.


Team: Time Dimension 7

Here are the underdogs back for another round.

One from the country, one from town.

A passion for film they both share.

Writing, directing, and acting with flair.

They watch the details and give it their best.

Always enjoying the 72 Fest.

(hopefully the third time is the charm)

Past Entries: Who Decides? (2007), Maracelli’s Lab (2008)


Team: Cynical Methodists

As a group of young and rebellious youths they were feared by housewives and landscapers everywhere…or at least in eastern Frederick County, MD. They got their names from the only food they could locate…Micky D-s and they did what every other gang did…nothing productive. And now they occassionally pretend to be a shadow of their former selves…depending on the lighting.Past Entry: “Forgive me…I’m Stoned.”(2008) Past Wins:Finalist: “Forgive me…I’m Stoned”


Team: Uncle Andross

4 guys from Hagerstown and their sexy lady friend just trying to get their kids back Members: the baby: Patrick Molloy, the cute one: Nick Jamison, the bad boy: Nick Psillas, the ladies man: Tyler Pangborn, the Texan: Ashley Omadevuae. A New Team.


Team: Sailorjack Pictures

“Its as much fun to scare as to be scared.” -Vincent Price Past Entries: Rebecca (2006), Blind(date) (2007), Past Wins: Rebecca (Best Makeup).



Team: Asian Dawn

Who is Team Asian Dawn? Let’s just say that our leader, Chance ‘Claw Hammer’ Minter, once punched Uwe Boll in the face. True story. The second-in-command, Dave ‘Firedog’ Imboden, can fit 48 M&Ms in his mouth at once. Finally, Matt ‘Quiet Gorilla’ Schumacher resembles a black haired Paul Walker. To sum up Team Asian Dawn in one sentence, we will quote the warrior poet Royce Da 5’9″: “Lord have mercy, we here to destroy everything. You niggas is butter in front of a fuckin’ machete swing.” A New Team.


Team: Green Pool Productions

2 brothers and a best friend who like movies. A New Team.


Team: Getaway Monkey Productions

The nation’s premier purveyor of audio/visual awesomeness and the product of various parental mistakes, a motley collective of comedians, cinephiles, DJs and drunks. Getaway Monkey Productions endeavors to spread the gospel of slick artistry and inspired hilarity. Masking juvenile sensibility with a paper-thin veneer of professionalism, we look to carve out a name with nothing but a camera and a complete lack of tact. Think of the A-Team but with a drinking problem and a Puerto Rican Mr. T. A New Team.


Team: Giant Sharks and Dynamite

A bright shiny new version of Zissou. Past Entries: Song of the Unsung (2006), Leadman Fife (2007), Cintus Supremus (2008) Past Wins: Music and Challenge for Song of the Unsung. Writing for Leadman Fife. Finalist for Cintus Supremus.


Team: Browning Film Productions

A group of friends, relatives (including a pregnant lady, an artist, a school teacher, a Mary Kay consultant and a government employee) and other creative peoples from the DC metro area. We come together from time to time to torture ourselves with looooong hours, equipment failures and other typical ‘movie making’ mishaps. We enjoy putting together films for fun or for various events.Past Entries: Downhill Ladder (2007)


Team: Second Brain

Team Second Brain emerged from the creative concert of Casey Morin, Jake Karpinski and Nicholas Grayson. After years of drifting amiss, we decided to pull our resources together and finally give it a shot with nothin’ to lose. Our goal is merely to have a good time, not lose our cool, make a flick, and possibly entertain the masses for decades to come, along with the efforts of our fellow hardworking teams. A New Team.



Team: Rainbow

Will and Kevin and friends. Past Entries: Natural Selection (2006) Let’s go to Church! (2007) Botch (2008). Past Wins: Raise the Roof for Natural Selection, Let’s Go to Church! and Botch. Rainbow will be participating outside of competition this year.



Team: Acoustic Red

We are new to the film scene, making short films for fun. Hoping that one day it might blossom into a career. We are deff amateur. Past Entries: Concrete Jungle (2007). Did Not Turn In.


Team: Ah Muh Face!

Who really cares………….really? Past Entries: —- (2007) Love at First Bite (2008)


Team: Unlimited Supply

Send bio/pic


Team: Inner Child Productions

Sean Holmes, Andrew Poff, Zack Patterson and Colin Caccamise- Four of the biggest nerds you’ll ever meet have come together to create a short film. A film about what? Who knows? In past years, they’ve covered honor and comas to apples and oranges (oh the humanity.) Who knows what they’ll come up with this year? Past Entries: One Crazy Coma (2007), Loss of Eden (2008)



Team: Sparkly Fresh Pictures

A group of Governor Thomas Johnson High School students, led by Max Radbill, Sparkly Fresh Pictures was brought together with a common interest in entertainment. Each member takes an active part in the theatre program at their school. A New Team.


Team: JaJaWorks

JaJaWorks; producing short films to watch in your underwear with sushi and your dog. Jessi Watson, a 20-year-old one-woman team, is saving the world one clip at a time. JaJaWorks.com.Facebook. A New Team. Did Not Turn In.



Team: FredROCK Crew

With a lack of activities provided for the creative youth of Frederick, MD, The FredROCK Crew has been entertaining themselves and the independent film community since 2005 with their optimistic and occasionally outrageous short films. After receiving the Best Writing Award for “SQUEEZE” in the 2006 72 hour film fest, and making it into the finals of last year’s fest, The Crew plans to take the team to a whole new level and keep the legend of FredROCK going. Past Entries: Squeeze (2006), Goodness Shouts Evil Whispers (2007, Bigger than all of us (2008).Past Wins: Best Writing for Squeeze. Finalist for Bigger than all of us. youTUBEpage.



Team: Falcons

A group of students from Poolesville High School. A New Team



Team: WT

Send your bio/pic.


Team: Collision Course Media Productions

Benjamin Harris Jordan Hoffman Brad Hirsch Dave Lantz Austen Matthews Past Entries: Life without a Villian.


Team: Northward Advance

Stationed in Shepherdstown, WV, we are a rag-tag group of dashing writers, actors, and filmmakers who still aren’t afraid to shoot from the hip. Past Entries: Impact (2008), Change (2007) Past Wins: Finalist for Impact.