Starting Feb 8th filmmakers (and teams) are invited to participate in our Second Feature Film project: THE BLACK HILLS NIGHT HIKE. Conceived by 72 Film Fest participant Nickolas Jackson from Sailorjack Pictures (Year 1, 2, 4), this horror anthology will focus on many of the monster myths and urban legends local to Maryland. Full details will be revealed early next year, but if you’re interested, sign up to the project’s email list below and begin your research now.

Our goal is to market this anthology beyond the 72 Film Fest.  While there will be a deadline, there will be no 72 Hour limit for the films.

Filmmakers can choose from this list, or choose any other Maryland myth/legend…
There is no deadline for choosing, Films are due May 31st (See Timeline Below)

Be a part of 72 Fest’s second feature film THE BLACK HILLS NIGHT HIKE, a horror anthology where filmmakers have 3 months to make a short around a local Maryland myth/legend.  The strongest entries will be featured in the horror anthology that will be sent to festivals and distributors upon completion.

How to Participate:
1) Sign up to email above.
2) Choose a myth.
3) Mark the Production Meetings on your calendar. 


Urban legends are a form of modern folklore, rooted deeply in our collective past yet still maintaining relevancy to this day. Mostly an oral tradition these stories have almost always been spread by word of mouth, with each storyteller taking an ownership stake in the tale. This is what makes the urban legend, its myths and monsters, so fascinating to us. It becomes more than just a story, it becomes a part of our history.

Maryland is home to more than it’s fair share of these types of legends, and they are among the nations oldest and most interesting. Some dating back even to the influx of European settlers and their clashes with the native population, these stories tell us not only about our state’s past but our own past as well. Every one of us has a brother or uncle or grandfather who has shared a story about a half man, half goat, who roams the woods near their house. Or a young couple out at desolated lovers lane, being chased by a winged ghoul or a mad man with a hook for a hand. We have all heard campfire tales of haunted houses or tombstones that come alive after midnight. There will always be children who warn their friends of the cry baby bridge, the creepy old man at the end of the lane, or the dangers of staring at mirrors in the dark.

And the best part about these stories is that they belong to us. We know these stories because they happened to us or someone we know. And that is what The Black Hills Night Hike is about. We want you to tell your story from your perspective, in your voice, each one completely different and wholly unique. Because that is why these creatures, curses, and urban legends carry on, and become a very real part of the world in which in live.


Filmmakers will make a short film based around one of the local Maryland myths. The strongest entries will be chosen to be included in THE BLACK HILLS NIGHT HIKE, a feature length horror anthology that will be sent to film festivals with the goal to attain distribution. All films will also possibly appear in a separate public screening, but will depend on number of entries etc.

Unlike 72 Film Fest where teams choose their criteria blindly and are only given one weekend to make the film, for this anthology, filmmakers will not only be able to choose their own myth/legend, but they will have ample time to produce the film. Starting Feb 8th Filmmakers will choose the myths to adapt into short films. We will not be limiting those choices in any way (other than our desire to keep it local Maryland myths/legends) so if a team decides to choose the same myth a different team has chosen, it is possible those teams will be in direct competition to have their films be included in the Anthology.

To sign up simply email us with your chosen myth.


Is there an entry fee?
No. We want you to use any monies towards your film.

How should I adapt the myth?
This is all you. Be original. Your film will be part of a larger story that shares the myths with a group like ghost stories being told around a campfire. But you can approach it just about any way – modern, period, literal, deconstruction etc…

Does my film need to be “horrific” or “gory” or “jump scary” or ? Not necessarily. It is a horror anthology but there are many approaches to horror. Use your imagination in approaching these myths. One of the reasons we are excited to do this project is to include many different voices. Your voice is your strength. It’s possible a rough but super original approach may trump a well executed but worn one. Or maybe vice versa. That’s the beauty of this project- it will be defined by filmmakers like you.

Can I make a comedy?
No. While you can have comedic elements, refrain from making it too silly, or from undermining the focus of your myth. If you undermine the monster or legend in your film, it may impact the other films in the anthology.

If I turn in a film is it automatically included in the anthology?
No. The strongest entries that can fit into a feature length film will be chosen.

What will happen to the films that don’t “win”. Will they be included in the anthology in any way? Potentially. At the very least we will have a screening of the films in Frederick Maryland. But we have an idea how to include portions of most if not all of the films, however only the winning films will be included in their entirety.

How should I do credits?
Do not do any credits burned into the film you turn in. Think of other anthologies you have watched- they go seamlessly from one story to the next with credits for all entries at the end of the film. If you are chosen to be a part of the anthology, one of the required final elements will be to give us credits. Info will be shared upon that announcement.

Can I post my movie online?
To preserve the release of the anthology, films that are chosen to be a part of the anthology cannot be posted online. Films that are not chosen to be a part will eventually be “released” for the filmmaker to post, but should remain out of public view until then.

Once I turn in my initial cut, am I good to go?
No. If you’re picked to be a part of the anthology, you will need to deliver your film and some of the film’s original and mixed elements so we can have the best possible final film quality. So keep your project organized and be ready to assemble your final elements to us if chosen. If you’re new to this, don’t let it scare you. We can help.

Will there be a final sound and color mix for the anthology?
Yes. That’s the main reason you should keep all of your elements organized and separated on your timeline. (Original footage, sound, sound mix, music etc). The final anthology film may blend the shorts together in a way that will require us to have these elements fully separated. A simple example of what we will need is separate audio tracks for dialogue, music, sound fx etc so if we do need to do a 5.1 mix or a dub for international audiences, we can.

What resolution, sound mix etc?
The best you are capable of minimum 1080p and maximum 4K. Sound is the achilles’ heel to many independent films, so be sure your sound is clean and professional. We’d hate to disclude an entry simply because of the noise levels that drown out dialogue etc. We will most likely be doing a final 5.1 mix on sound, however we understand you may not be capable of that so again keep all of your sound elements on separated tracks.

Do I need releases?
Yes, for everything including talent, music and location. If you use music they must grant you full rights that allow us to distribute the film, not just student film or online rights, to ensure the ability to release in theaters, home market and streaming. See the releases online (posted soon after Launch).  Our goal isn’t to just premiere this locally, our goal is to market THE BLACK HILLS NIGHT HIKE to festivals and distributors.

What happens if the film gets into a Festival or Sells to a distributor etc? More info will be laid out as we understand the nature of the project and it’s potential. It is evolving with the participating filmmakers but we want this to be worth it for all involved and encourage input on this level to ensure it’s fair. Unlike Leda, which required hundreds of hours and a lot of money going in from 72’s Producer, some of this film’s costs will be spread out amongst the filmmakers involved with the final post production being worked out through a combination of 72/Producer’s involvement and potential crowdfunding.  If you need funds to make your film, feel free to crowdfund-  we’ll promote it best we can.  As such our plan is for there to be a deferred reward for those shorts that are picked to be in the final film.










Feb 8th – Filmmakers begin choosing myth.legend.
March/April May– TBA – Optional Production Meetings at Area 31. Teams are encouraged to share writing/footage/edits to make best possible film.
May 31 SOFT DEADLINE. Initial cuts of films will be due by filmmakers to be judged for inclusion in anthology.
Jun 15 NOTIFICATION. Winning films will be chosen to be in the anthology and filmmakers will be given more info on final deliverables.
Jul 15- FINAL DEADLINE for films and deliverables.


Adam Grayson/Unimental – Dwayyo
Laura Harding/Film.Lovables – Cry Baby Bridge
Brian Pennington/StarWipe – Upper Melinda Witch
Jesse Schwab/SRK Video – Sykesville Monster
Jason Henley/Henlivision – Goatman
Daniel Awrich/Stepdad – Bunnyman
Eric Chang/Bright Boy Alert– Snallygaster
Timothy Butcher/SubFinem- Pokomoke Forest
Elizabeth Lucas – Washington Monument Tomb
Madison Bethke– Deadman’s Curve
Matthew Friend – Snallygaster
Brady Smedly – Witches Tree
Jordan Miller – Jericho Covered Bridge










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