A Contest Returns

72 Script Fest returns this Summer with all new rules!

72 Film Fest 2014

2014 Dates Announced and Registration is OPEN. Register your team now!


Team: Moon Slaves.
Title: Screw
Criteria: Gutenberg-Richter Law
Synopsis: A man lost in a monotonous existence seeks fulfillment through “unconventional” thrill-seeking.
Awards: Best of the Fest, Best Pro, Best Acting, Best Editing, Best Writing.


Team: Pecos Bill and the Wranglers:
Title: Jeffrey
Criteria:Zeno’s Paradox
Synopsis: Jeffrey does stuff because he feels he needs to. Jeffrey tries to beat time!
Nominations: Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Acting.

Parental Advisory

Team: Crowded Elevator Productions
Title: Parental Advisory
Criteria:Coding Theory
Synopsis: An interactive game to help you survive the front lines of parenthood.
Winner: Best of the Rest.